Spell batching lowers your DPS, causes tanks to die and wipes raids - get rid of it

Can anybody corroborate this? This sounds like BS. I’ve watched videos of the “old guard” - they’re all keyboard turners. There’s no way they can compete with guys like Perplexity/Esfand.

i have never seen a heal go off and the target die anyways. I have seen an execute crit a guy for more hp than he had but his heal saved him though. How does it even work, is it somewhat random or do players live if a heal is on the stack?

every online game has what world of warcraft calls spell batching.

batching is what other games call server tick rate. the tick rate was noticeable back in 2004, now most people cant tell its there on well optimized games

OP, spell bashing was not really a thing. It was for the one’s that did not use half of there skills at the time. But anyways, it is part of classic and i hope they don’t change it like they stated before it will be like back in the day’s.

If you don’t like this then please still give it a try and if you don’t like it well no issue here your still not going to pay for it your sub will only count towards retail anyways. No loss for you even if you cant play it or refuse to.

You are trollin boy, as those 2 have also been around forever.

Than stay in bfa. If you don’t like it.

Easy fix.

The moment someone claims to be smartet now or to have perfect game play. They lose all credibility.

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Stay in bfa. You have no idea about what you are talking about.


Just fyi - my opinion is in the majority. If you don’t believe me then go to the classic wow subreddit.

Don’t plan on ever getting old, huh?

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So its stupid that you can’t level in 2 days to max level, realize that no one else is going to be near your level for a week or so, and you can’t do any group content 'cause you have no one to run with? Ah… youth… Classic is not the place to whine about power leveling. Enjoy the content man! Relax! Get your money’s worth! (or maybe your parent’s money’s worth? >.> )


The fact that you think reddit is even a thought in the playerbase is laughable.

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The fact that you don’t know that Blizzard listens to reddit is laughable.

Look at all of the Hunter bugs that got fixed here:

Wanna know why there’s a blue post about Hunters and not the other classes with bugs? Because reddit complained about Hunters.

And now I’m here to tell you that if Classic wants to appeal to the next/better generation of players, it needs to be changed and spell batching has to go. The raiding in Classic is dumb/easy but if they add more content later then it could be good - but only if stuff like spell batching and leeway is gone.

You need a millennial dictionary.

“Fact” translates to “In my opinion” in normal English.

And, exaggerations are common.


No. Thats not the reason.

The other specs are working how they should be. Hunters were the only spec that had the majority issues.

Also it wasn’t reddit doing anything. It was the 17000 bug reports they received from people in the beta that did it.

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  1. Was on a pserver. With dynamic spawning and cheesing of levels.
  2. Will not happen in classic and if you think it will. You will be sorely mistaken.
  3. Mobs in pservers dont work the same in vanilla/classic.
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This is exactly what I was going to say. When every single hunter playing the beta reports a bug it might be pretty clear to Blizz that something is wrong and they need to address it.

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No they never leveled to 60 in 2 days in vanilla. They leveled to 60 on a pserver. That doesn’t count and is laughable if you think it does.

Rag will not be down for a month+ after launch. It will take the majority of players that long to hit 60. It also takes a few weeks just to be attunes. The only…only reason you see that on pservers is that they are extremely bad with actual data and every boss fight is easier. (This is from the pserver devs themselves. )

no raids will wipe?
no thanks, keep it in :stuck_out_tongue:

The amount of stupidity flowing from your post is like a volcano erupting. People aren’t smarter or faster or better at all. They literally do the same thing in BG’s they did 10+ years ago. You’re just worried you won’t be able to adapt to the old-school way of playing, get better. You aint faster at all, or better, you may have “adapted” a little to play the game, but over all… you still suck. Also, who cares about the pro players, the hell does that have to do with this? Get off their sticks.

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