Is Aimed Shot Bugged or is this vanilla-like?

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I did not play a hunter in vanilla, so i’m hoping some vanilla (retail) hunter experts can help me determine if this is a bug or not.

I spoke to a few hunters in game and got mixed answers and it seems that something like this would be hard to be sure of without video evidence.

Auto Shot Review
Before I discuss Aimed Shot, i’d like to review Auto Shot as auto shot shares the same “shot timer” behavior that i’m observing.

In auto shot, there is the wind up time for the shot and there is the time for the actual shot. The actual shoot time is 0.5 seconds with no haste.

If I have a bow with 3.0 attack speed, the wind up time will be 2.5 seconds and the shot time will be 0.5 seconds.

Now to Aimed Shot
Aimed shot has a base cast time of 3 seconds with no haste. I’ve noticed that aimed shot is actually taking (Aimed Shot Cast Time + Shoot Time). So with 0% haste, this would be 3 + 0.5 = 3.5 seconds.
[Note: Haste appears to be properly effecting both the aimed shot cast time as well as the “shoot time”]

Is this intended or should aimed only take the time indicated on the tooltip?

If anyone has a vanilla video at 1.0x speed of a hunter using aimed shot where we can identify the weapon/haste of the hunter, I could resolve this issue on if this is a bug or not and submit a proper report if it is.


From what I remember back in the day, you would take 0.5 sec of wind up before Aimed Shot cast time started. You can kinda see it in this video.


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I don’t really notice a 0.5 sec wind up here. Also it may be worth noting that he is using an addon I assume for the cast time, because it should not be visible (I think?).

One thing that I did notice, however…
At 6:14 We see a cast time of 3.5 seconds for Aimed Shot on the tooltip. This makes me think two things.

  1. Should the cast time on the aimed shot tooltip actually be 3.5 seconds? Or maybe was this video pre 1.12?
  2. Should haste not even affect aimed shot? It currently is affecting Aimed Shot in the beta client.

Edit: the 1.7.0 patch notes indicate that the tooltip was fixed to correctly display the cast time which makes it seem like haste should effect aimed shot which it currently is.

So the question is really…
Should Aimed Shot take 3 seconds or 3.5 seconds to cast?
Should Aimed Shot’s tooltip display a base of 3 seconds or 3.5 seconds?


My original main was a hunter. I don’t have my original youtube account, unfortunately.
I don’t recall the windup + Aimed shot time with it. I thought Aimed Shot as a spell was separate from the autoshoot type of shot? I also seem to remember after a certain level you could spec into making it shorter (Marks).

But I don’t see why haste wouldn’t affect it, as it is a spell.

If you look at the wiki you see this:

Patch 2.0.6 (2007-01-23):** [Auto Shot] is now reset when casting Aimed Shot.

Not sure if that’s related, but there is some kind of interaction going on between autoshot and aimed shot that they later addressed.

Good find! I submitted a bug report so hopefully the devs can determine how it should work based off the 1.12 client that they have.

I did play in vanilla and it is changed. Your weapon speed from quiver did change its value slightly unless you started with aimed shot at the head of your rotation. It used to be smooth and easily folded between your shots. It never took a rocket scientist to hit a key right after you see your animation shoot autoshot. The only time I ever seen it 15 years ago go through whole 3 second cast cycle is when you start off casting withit. And Im not certain but I could also swear the tooltip for aimed shot added in the 15% cast reduction but Im being honest you cant remember everything. I do know for a fact for a no changes game Ive noticed quite a bit far as my hunter goes. I used to battle res people with feigndeath jumpers. Now most times when you get pull back in combat the cast stops and it NEVER did that. It would put you in combat but long as nothing hit you the cast always completed. Another thing jumper cables the XL and regular cables were on seperate cooldowns til Burning Crusade. I know cause I always took advantage of carrying both. Demonic runes and whipper root tubers and Nightdragons breath along with healthstones and potions were on seperate cooldowns. Druids could NEVER shapeshift out of scattershot. I always scattered them in pvp and fear beasted them when they changed form now its an impossibility unless you carry flash bombs. Ive also seen rogues and druids sprint through a frost trap with max entrapment grab the WSG flag and takeoff before the trap even activates. Traps seem like they delay by 0.5 seconds instead of activating instantly. And why the hell are traps on a 15 sec cooldown with 26 sec traptime? For people who said no changes then why arent they 30 sec cooldown with 43 sec traptime (with imp traps btw). Original Imp trap time extented the time to allow a hunter to retrap without fear of handling a cooldown coming up soon as the cooldown to break trap came up so it didnt go and beat someones brains out. It was the perks of being offspec or being spec survival. And the last major issue that I have noticed. All of you that play a hunter pull with a serpent sting on any random mob and then send pet in. Unless you have a boar with his charge up ALL other pets just follow along side of the mob until it stops to attack you. NO PET seems to can attack, growl, bite, or any kinda physical ability or attack when the mob is moving at full average speed. If you hit it with concussive after the sting even delay a tic of sting before you slow and the pet will still pick it up. It makes you wonder if it happens in pvp as well. 15 Years ago all my pets damage numbers stacked up all the way to me if I allowed the mob to me after pulling threat. And soon as your pet came within striking distance it always was snappy. Now it seems like unless your pets a windserpent the mob has to advance like its slowed or has to be stationary to do damage or threat. The attack power buff from the head turn in and DM tribute buff AP buff could be seen in your ranged AP 15 years ago. Now I dont even think they register. I really honestly think we are playing on a secret covered up private version. And ever who created or let this crap come out to the public like this definitely never played one to the effectiveness to know. It’ll never get enough attention to change them correctly. But I agree whole hearted that the timing for shots are off something terrible. The minor pauses and delays in random actions that clearly nobody really cared to address killed the whole class for raiding damage. And I can swear the class seems sluggish compared to the original so far.


I don’t care if he didn’t use paragraphs this dude is right on.
I played huntard from 05 till now and I remember this now. My memory isn’t too good unless it’s refreshed but I knew something was off.
I do remember my huntard being very responsive in vanilla and not so much in classic. I just chalked it up to nostalgia.
Blizzard is brain washing us ala the new world order tactics. :alien:

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Moogul’s wall o’ text is correct.

Aimed shot is about the same but also occasionally has oddness that I can only guess is due to the spell batching. I switched from hunter (a very fun class to play in vanilla) to mage since Hunter feels ‘off’, at least how I like to play hunter. Feels clunky now. The aimed shot is part of that, stuff used to be much smoother. Feign Death was getting a little better for awhile but lately I have had it fail in PvE, it just goes on cool down with nothing happening. Oh yeah, not sure if it still happens but aimed-shot would sometimes just vanish. No hit or miss, just poof, gone. I also noticed some oddness with aimed shot and a very fast bow (Eaglehorn), obviously not the bow of choice for aimed-shot, just got one and was fooling around with it and aimed-shot was doing less damage than auto-shot. There also was an issue with bows/guns that procced, think auto-shot would not happen after a proc, and auto-shot hits for a lot more than a proc.

Hunter is still pretty much fine overall. Biggest nerf is to 1v1 pvp.

Depends purely on your quicer and any haste effects on you at the time.

AFAIK Tooltips didn’t update till way into wow’s life when haste started to reduce the CD’s on abilities.

Tooltip says 3.0s despite Aimed Shot being 3.5s without a quiver being equipped, which is quite weird, considering this blue post from a while back:

Oh and there’s a delay on Autoshots following an Aimed Shot: