Can we get a response on Hunter Feign death

My thoughts exactly. I can’t see this going unfixed forever when there is clear evidence it performed differently in Vanilla but it is super disappointing in the meantime.

It would not surprise me if other classes had similar issues.

Blizzard, this is what happens when you don’t beta test past lvl 15! Had you let people play to 30, EVERY hunter could have told you this issue.

I mean I assume pebbles ruining blinks and vanish breaking prematurely exist on classic, but I guess I don’t know for sure.

FD/Trap is seriously broken. It delays way too long, and often doesn’t even work. Blizzard this is a CORE mechanic for hunters. Please respond with a fix. FD should drop combat instantly, traps should be deployed instantly.

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Then those things, if broken now, are working correctly right?

Feign death is not working correctly.

Blizz seems to be semi aware of the bug. They made a post about it back in July, but curiously they only mentioned the bug happening in battlegrounds and also had the bug listed in a section that said “The following reported issues are either confirmed fixed in recent builds, or we have upcoming fixes currently in testing” so, I don’t know if that means they’ve already implemented the fix but only fixed it for BGs, or if they have a fix still in development… There hasn’t been any update about the issue since then and I’m not sure if they recognize it’s not an issue that only occurs in battlegrounds.

“Feign death does not immediately drop the Hunter from combat in a Battleground”

They probably never bothered to play a hunter outside of a bg.

Does FD still interrupt casts from players in PVP? I’m assuming this is a no, which is also a big nerf

Yes, it does.

Sure i did. Trap on flag (in AB), get vantage, snipe. If engaged, wingclip run out of melee, cheetah, set up somehwere else. Only BG i didn’t do was WSG because $*%&#&# capture the flag.

Giving it at least one use!

If you didn’t know how to use FD+trap in vanilla effectively, then you were missing a big portion of your class. That’s all I’m gonna say.


So, what’s everyone going to reroll if blizz (hypothetically speaking) decide not to fix this? I’m torn between mage and rogue.

Reroll games probably

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Not unreasonable. I love classic too much for that, though the thought of losing my investment in this character is mighty disheartening.

well i only returned for classic hunter… and if classic hunter is unplayable… idk

Fair. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I see no problem here.

I’ll probably go ahead and get my hunter to 60 and just use him as an alt for farming since it’s still easy to do so as a hunter. Might roll a warrior again but I’m sort of reluctant to do so since I already got one to grand marshal back in vanilla. Worried I might get bored of it since I’ve already played one so much.

And flat earther’s don’t see the problem with their world view either.

The rest of us just accept some people are dumb.