Hunter Pet Not Damaging a Fleeing Target

Having just completed the last stress test I monitored my pet using the combat log and Details Addon. I was checking for dps loss and the reported slow responses that have been previously reported.

On a Dwarf hunter, Cat, Bear, Wolf, Boar pets regularly did no damage to a fleeing target meaning that during the time a mob did the emote “… attempts to flee” and death. No damage means did not even attempt to damage, there were no dodges, parries or misses, the pet just didn’t register any damage at all, not even auto attacks.
My serpent sting or other hunter damage killed them but not the pet.

Pets also appeared to take stutter steps at odd and sometimes right angles to the mobs direction of travel and looked very “unclassic” and I’ve never seen pets move this way in any stage of the game.
I have always played a hunter, from launch to current retail so I have seen countless mobs run and die. They never looked like this.

Have other hunters experienced this?? Is this a motion bug wherein the pets constant movements make it face the “wrong” way during a pursuit??

Does it happen while the pet is Dashing?

Does it happen if the target is snared?

Hunters and their pets were very buggy in beta, and not all the issues have been fixed, apparently (although they fixed most of the worst of them).

You can read in detail here:

I noticed this on my warlock as well

Dash was not an available skill to be learnt but Boar Charge was and it didn’t occur when that was used. It’s only when the pet was pursuing a fleeing mob at the end of the encounter not at the start.

From memory the default pet speed and mob speed are both the same. so it should just trail behind and still be capable of landing a hit.

Blizzard says “working diligently to fix…” but they have been for six months
What they actually mean is, “we have no idea what this code means, just be thankful you’re in classic at all, deal with it”

I’ve been here for 15 years, as have most of my friends in game. We’ll watch while they tinker and hopefully I can make a macro and fix it myself.

I’m thinking
/use pet follow
/use petattack
/use [insert “pet” special ability here]
/cast Concussive Shot

  • not an actual macro- but you get the idea.

What your experiencing is a low level pet being unable to catch a mob without dash, This is why you save your daze for when they flee so that your pet can land it’s claw attack and let your poison tick finish it off.

Yes I agree, stuns or speed increase abilities would negate the issue.
However the animation effect was still very wrong and the fact that the pet stayed well in melee range but landed no blows whether special attacks or auto attacks makes me think “pets” have an issue. Warlock pets don’t have dash, void walkers are a melee pet and our Warlock friend above reported the same experience.

I have a few low level hunters as I’m a fan of the class and can’t help myself so in retail I can white damage a mob until it flees then do some mining and my pet of any type will pursue and kill it without Dash being active as I too have this on manual activate if it’s available.
In Classic this was not the case. I watched a cat “dance” around a Trogg in Dun Morogh for a full 10 seconds and never do a single point of damage. Only when it got to me and stopped did the pet re-engage.