Heads up for Hunters


The scatter shot/frost trap DR sharing was unexpected, but otherwise looks like things are shaping up well.

Glad hunters won’t be without feign death working properly.

The Hunter Discord is currently in doom mode. It’s… really bad, actually. A lot of these are a real bad hit to Hunters in general. There’s no say on fixing the lack of responsiveness to Hunter pets, they say that bugs are intended (DR should not be shared between traps/scatter and other effects, you shouldn’t be able to walk/charge/sprint over traps), and quite a few other problems.

The deadzone with leeway is jank, too.


Very glad to read. Did not doubt for a moment.

Good news.

Why does a quiver even have a visual skin? It’s a bag.

As far as traps go, I never saw those ignored unless you were a friendly player or pet. It’s that stupid ad hoc spell batching they have on classic beta that’s messing that up.


Well if it’s an invisible bag, you don’t know if your putting stuff in the bag or not lol

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The reference client they mention is hilarious because it’s already proven to be unreliable in terms of its accuracy.


Example? Haven’t heard anyone claim that.


I was a little surprised by the “we hope to have these issues fixed by launch” statement. I don’t blame the devs at all, but someone higher up rushed the release date.


Well they committed to it. They can’t push it back now, so they hedge their bets when it comes to promising things will be done before them.

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So Vanilla had a lot of things in it that people didn’t realize/remember, huh. They got a working 1.12 client, I don’t see why we shouldn’t believe them when they have shown up in the past with screenshots and stuff to prove otherwise.

Hopefully they nail all these real bugs though, some of them seem pretty bad.

Such as? I don’t doubt you’re right but if you have any evidence that’d be swell.

They don’t have any evidence. Blizzard has the actual 1.12 client and server to check against. A lot of these people like this poster believe their “memory” or worst, pserver crap, is to be trusted over the real thing.


Haha frost traps are going to remove stealth. R I P Rogues.
The DR sharing is largely irrelevant. You won’t have SS/WS in the same build (you won’t even use WS. It’s junk.)

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Not a word about broken pets (that affects both hunters and warlocks btw)


Actually I’ve yet to see anyone show anything that would prove it isn’t correct. Every time someone thinks they have something it gets holes shot through it.

Keep in mind they did say it wasn’t a comprehensive list and their are other things to be fixed that aren’t listed.

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:sunglasses: cool, so what do we go off of as a point of reference? Forum tears? I think that honestly would be a great idea!


Scatter/trap is the primary way to get away from a melee, so halving the trap’s duration hurts.


Not even close to hunter in 2005 and responsiveness of pets + people just walking over pets is not “intended design.” People still having the brain of an asthmatic flea. HOW SAD.