Is Scatter Shot really a long Mez?

Not a Bug


  • Hibernate
  • Freezing Trap
  • Wyvern Sting
  • Polymorph
  • Ring of Frost
  • Paralysis
  • Repentance
  • Gouge
  • Sap
  • Bind Elemental
  • Hex
  • Banish
  • Quaking Palm

Mesmerizes (Short)
(Note: this category does not share diminishing returns with the above Mesmerize category)

  • Disorienting Roar
  • Scatter Shot
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Breath of Fire (Glyphed)
  • Holy Word: Chastise

Patch 1.4.0

A handful of spells were added to the list of spells subject to diminishing returns in PvP. It is our goal to set as few spells as possible to be diminished. We’ve identified this short list of spells as having durations and cooldowns sufficient to almost permanently slow or immobilize targets but without adequate controls or other limiting factors. When a spell with diminishing returns is used against a target in PvP, the first effect has full duration. On the second use of the same category of spell (e.g. slowing), that spell’s duration is reduced by 50%. On the third use, the duration is reduced by 75%. On the fourth attempt, the target becomes immune to the spell. Spells must be used on the same target within 15 seconds of the end of the duration in order to be diminished. In other words, if a target hasn’t had a slowing spell active on them for more than 15 seconds, the next slowing spell will have full effect. The list of affected spells is:

  • Frost Shock
  • Entangling Roots
  • Frost Nova

Patch 1.7

  • Freezing Trap now shares the same duration in pvp as other long-duration forms of crowd control (ie: polymorph, fear, sap).

Patch 1.10

  • Freezing Traps are now affected by diminishing returns.

Should Scatter Shot really be sharing a cooldown with Freezing Trap and Wyvern Sting? I can’t find any mention of them being grouped, and only mention of Scatter Shot being a separate “Short Mez” category with Dragon’s Breath.


Well the reference client Blizzard is using is the vanilla Bible at the end of the day. Given they have all the original source code and data all they had to do was compile it and get it running.

Patch notes are very unreliable in comparison. They’re just notes that some guy put together and do not necessarily reflect every change.

Sure but the next Reference I can find is years later saying that Scatter Shot is a different category.

So then I’d assume they changed it twice.

I made a post in the Classic Closed Beta Test Forum. I think Scatter Shot and Freezing Trap sharing the same DR is intended. The reference point I found was for a discussion about some of the diminishing return changes in the TBC (Kalgan indicating Scatter Shot and Freezing Trap will no longer share a cool down). I’m on mobile so my response depth is a little lower than it normally would be.

You’re posting complete nonsense.

You posted the following:

  • DR windows from retail, which are completely irrelevant to Classic
  • Patch notes that explain what DRs are
  • Patch notes that add Freezing Trap to the list of spells that would break with heartbeat resist so they don’t last longer than 15s in most cases
  • Patch notes that add DRs to Freezing Trap.

The only somewhat relevant patch note here is 1.10, as that’s when Freezing Trap started DRing with Scatter Shot and a plethora of other things.

No, scatter isn’t a “short mez” because Mesmerize isn’t a DR category in Classic.

So you’re saying Scatter Shot’s 4 second disorient is the same DR category as a 20 second “freeze” from Freezing Trap?

I admit. That made me smile more than it should.

Yes, I’m saying that Scatter Shot, a 4s disorient, shares DR windows with Freezing Trap which is a “Freeze” effect, with all sleep effects and also with Goblin Rocket Helmet, which is categorized as an “Incapacitate” effect.

There is video proof of Scatter Shot and Freezing Trap sharing DRs in 1.12. As stupid as it is, that’s how it was in 2006. Scatter/Freezing isn’t as much of an issue to me as scatter and freezing sharing DRs with all sleep effects+rocket helm though.

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You should be able to freeze trap people without using scatter shot anyways. If you can’t well…just make a macro.