Hunter Beta Issues Update

There is a very important hunter bug that nobody has mentioned yet, see here
I need someone in beta to test this, this bug was never fixed, it persisted until TBC when traps were allowed to be used in combat and CD was increased to 30 seconds.

I’m not sure if this works in PVE but it should work in PVP, you may need to spam “pet passive” in combination with “feign death” while moving so that you won’t trigger the FD CD.
This would mean hunters hunters have a 15s CD in combat traps without using feign death.
Someone please test this and get it in the patch notes

This doesn’t appear to work in Beta.

Attacking in melee still resets the auto shot timer.

For whatever reason, it’s no longer letting me post links, but if you type this quotes and in into google “its kinda like that hunter macro that lets you drop a frost trap by putting your pet on passive dropping you from combat for a sec”

You will find a link back from 2006 which gives an implicit example of the bug working after the warrior in combat charge bug was removed in patch 1.11. This was a very little known bug, It’s not easy finding references to it, but it was there.


Fixed! Thank you for the hard work Blizzard :slight_smile:

I noticed some very odd pet behavior in the stress test.
When sending my pet to attack a target with growl it would reach the target and stand still casting nothing then have to chase the target so it could use its ability.
After a target died there would be a significant delay before it returned to my side.
If I was attacked while the pet was on defensive there would be a significant delay until the pet noticed and started attacking.

I believe for some reason pet AI may be tethered to spell batching causing severe lag on pet responsiveness. I don’t know if this is intentional.


This issue exists outside of BGs still. Hindering PVE gameplay and world PVP as well.


I’ve submitted bug reports in game on this issue. It seems feign death does not work properly in any PvP situations. If an enemy warlock or hunter puts their pet on you, feign death does not cause the pets to register you as dead and run away. They continue to attack without hesitation which keeps you in combat. Also, if your pet is on a target and you feign death with a macro to pet follow/passive, you remain in combat and can not trap.

On top of this, the only way I found feign death trap to work was to scatter my target with a pet follow/passive macro, then wait a second or two and feign death/trap. This only works if the target is not a hunter or warlock that already has their pet on you or you will not leave combat.


I can confirm I’m having the same issues, FD is not dropoing combat as intended. This needs a fix immediately it’s really affecting people’s ability to play and pvp

This is still happening live. Also having the pet return to me randomly dropping target

I also have auto shot randomly just stoping out of no where or it takes WAY longer then it shuold. My bow has a 2.80 speed yet some time it might take 4-5 seconds before it shoots.

It might be shooting without animation. I have had this…

I’ll have to check it doesn’t look like damage is going out tho even the shot time add on can pick up when it’s not working right

Ya was just doing a few more thing FD does NOT take you out of combat at all.

No do’t
Pet wasn’t attacking anything
Never left combat.

The problem isn’t that feign death is broken, its because pets are delayed. So when you put your pet on passive then feign death immediately, it doesn’t work because there is a delay before the game knows you put the pet on passive. See this post.

I have also had the feign death bug happen when my pet is dismissed too however.

this still and will always kill me that people though t it was a bug…lmao.


Feign trap is dodgy to say the least. I wonder if it is server lag, because sometimes it works really good. Other times I corpsewalk home.

Feign death works for me more often than not, but I always wait a second before casting it after putting my pet on passive. Make sure you’re not moving or holding the right mouse button down (as someone else had admitted doing). Any movement by your character cancels feign death instantly.

I appreciate you recommending work arounds for the time being, but we shouldn’t have to deal with this at all.