Horde RP Realms

(Kaivax) #1

On which realm did you used to know the people you’re looking for?

Argent Dawn
Cenarion Circle
Earthen Ring
Kirin Tor
Scarlet Crusade
Shadow Council
Silver Hand
Steamwheedle Cartel
Thorium Brotherhood

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(Kaivax) unlisted #2


I’m looking for anyone who used to play Horde, Sisters of Elune, in Frequent Sudden Urges. Anyone out there?


You guys should add all realms that existed between Vanilla, BC, and Wrath. Vanilla WoW was still around in some way during those times.
I have old friends on Scryers I wouldn’t mind finding too play with.


Likewise – wouldn’t mind seeing a thing up for Blackwater Raiders, where a bunch of the SWC folks wound up on after awhile.


I was part of The Chosen on Blackwater Raiders. Good times.


I remember being in that guild for a time. Don’t remember who I playing at the time but it was either Nagras, Rokgar, or Baruut.


I was on Blackwater Raiders from about 2006-2009 or so. Horde character named Beowoulf. I was apart of the guild Red Army, which changed over to Imperium, then a lot of those members including myself went to Zero Tolerance. If anyone has ever played with me, I’d love to hear from you again.


hi I started on blackwater riaders hored troll hunter name was Zabikdu looking for my lost friends I know there was a couple I played with from californa


So was I, i played Kasp, an undead mage, I was super annoying, then the chosen went into another guild I can’t remember who made it but it was a warrior. Kroll I think?


What class was Beowoulf? I seem to remember the name, I definitely remember the guild names and I spent some time in zero tolerance.

We need more people from Blackwater raiders


I played in Imperium, Zero Tolerance, Malicious Intent, a few others I really can’t remember right now. Mage named Anastasia


Wow, Anastasia and Kasp both sound super familiar! I was an enhancement Orc Shaman. I often did pvp with my friend Orclore, another fellow Orc Shaman.


I used to play on Blackwater Raiders, though I mainly got into raiding in Wotlk. I played an orc DK in Øbsidion.


Hey there! Rainchaser from The Chosen on BWR signing in! Awesome to see folks still around - Lashendon and I will be on Bloodsail Buccaneers and would love to meet up with former guildies.


Hmm… is that you, Quarantine?


It is! I was wondering if I would run into anyone I knew from the old days lol.


I am looking for a person who used to be a GM [ Frohickii, blood ef hunter] of Four Angry Inches on US Feathermoon Horde and all the guildies that were in there.


Calafar/Gwion (Tauren Cat-Feral Druid and Undead Sub pve Rogue respectively) looking for friends I met either in Thousand needles/Thunder Bluff, dungeoning often or Silvermoon (BC) in Moon Guard/Earthen Ring (Calafar only). One such character I’m looking for is someone I rp’d a lot with that they made (BE-Rogue) and can’t for life of me remember the name, even rp’d a kid with using their champion select, others knowing of our events and even had a few rp times with Gwion (now Gwionessa). Guilds I was in for longer than 1 session: Cake or Death, The Praxeum, Horde Class Heroes, Grinds my Gears, Contract killers, Outcast Order: (Earthen Ring) and Knights of Misfortune, Blades of Deception, Snakes in the Grass, Dark Children of Nyx: (Moon Guard). Also on MG there was a guild: Forsaken Empire with a specific skilled yet popular/impopular Undead Shadow Priest: Dreamskull.


Name is/was Krahe. Was a heavy rp’er in Silvermoon. You may remember my character chasing around the local cat population and eating them. Yum!