[h]<ML FORGED> 4-10(m)SOD, LF Ranged DPS

Titan Forged is a 2-day raiding guild with two raid groups located on Bleeding Hollow. The raid group “ML Forged” is currently looking for solid players who are looking to kill Mythic bosses at a moderate pace in a relatively relaxed environment. We value players who can think critically, contribute objectively and constructively, and be a team player.

Raid Times
Tuesday: 9:15p EST to 12:30a EST
Wednesday: 9:15p EST to 12:30a EST
Invites start at 9:15 so we can start pulling at 9:30

What You Can Expect From Us
On progression we intend to bring the 20 characters best suited to kill the boss.
A healthy roster of 20+ raiders all held to the same standards and expectations.
We understand that mistakes will happen and are taken in stride, but we strive to respect each person’s time and commitment to the raid and want to ensure that we are able to address all issues quickly.

What We Expect from Our Raiders
Raiders will be expected to play outside of raid in order to improve their character. It should be evident that you are putting in effort in both improving your characters effectiveness and your own performance in and out of raid.

We will try to keep a roster of 21-25 raiders. This is so we have a diverse lineup that can be adjusted for different encounters and fill in when people are absent.

We are respectful of everyone’s time, so we ask that raiders keep us informed ASAP of any absences so that we can plan with the roster. Applicants and raiders are expected to maintain at least 75% or better attendance during all progression content. We understand IRL happens, but we are respectful of everyone’s time and as a 2-day guild need to make sure our raiders are available.

We are looking for raiders who understand their classes and show up to raid prepared. (Being prepared means doing homework and asking questions before raid.)

Raiders must be able to improve their gameplay and fix mistakes when necessary so we can always be pushing content at a solid pace.

Raiders will be expected to come prepared with their own potions and optimal food. (Note: If feasts are incorporated into the expansion they will be provided by the guild.)

Mandatory addons & raid apps
• Discord
• DBM (or similar)
• Details
• WeakAuras
• Exorsus Raid Tools
• RCLootCouncil

Current Recruitment Needs
Currently looking for Ranged Dps (Spriest/Mage/Boomkin)

Contact via Discord Totemics#2575, Grimms#2871
Contact in game via Btag: Totemics#1624
You can also fill out an app: httpxs://forms.gle/i2vwfewQsKGkTQGw9
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