Guardian/Boomy LF progression/M+ guild

10/10N 9/10H Guardian in Raid, pugging 13/14’s in M+(Balance and Guardian) and 1800RBG(Balance29vers). Trying to get away from the pugs and join a committed group for all content, mainly pushing mythic Castle Nathria. I am laid back and have played since Vanilla, I bring class knowledge and a desire to perform well.

Phury is 2/10m and 10/10h we raid tues/weds/sun 10pm-1am est hit me up if ur intrested tang#1917

DFG-Thrall [H] is a semi-casual guild that focuses on M+ and raiding. Most of our members have KSM and we are focused on getting everyone the achievement. We are 1/10M AotC and raid tues/Sat 9:30pm-12:30am EST. We would love to have you! Talk to me on discord Tetrath#3554

Guild: Hive on Hyjal/US
Team: Buzz
Raid Times: Tue/Thu 8:30-11:30 EST (5:30-8:30 PST)
Current Expac Progression: 2/10M CN

Buzz is an Ahead-of-the-Curve focused team which emphasizes community and enjoyment while getting bosses down. We raid 2 nights a week, the expectation is that you’re able to have fun but when it’s time to focus up you can play your class at a solid level. We generally get AOTC well before the end of a tier, so once we farm the heck out of it and easier mythic bosses, we also take a bit of a break before the next tier to come back refreshed!

More detailed background can be found on our wowprogress page.

For more info, DM me or friend me on discord: dysonfm#6085 (or Bnet: dyson#1418)

Everest [10/10H] is a Relaxed Semi-hardcore 2 Day Progression guild on Area-52. We recently formed at the start of Shadowlands and are currently looking to round out our Mythic Roster.

Outside of Raids we RBG, M+ and play a variety of other games with each other. It is not uncommon to find a member or two hanging out in discord chatting during the day and at night people are running a variety of things.

Tuesday 8PM-11PM EST(Eastern Time)
Wednesday 8-11PM EST( Eastern Time)
Sunday 8-11PM EST (Eastern Time) - Relear/Alt Run


Mage: Frost/Fire


If your class or specialization is not listed, we encourage you to still apply. We recruit the player, not the class.

What We Provide:
Flasks/Food/Vantus Runes/Oils/Stones/Armor Kits are all provided for progression content.

New to Raiding?
We welcome players that are looking to start end-game raiding. As 9.0 is our first raid tier as a team we are always looking to add and help generate new talent.

Contact for more info:

Hey there! We currently have H CN on farm and are getting our roster together for mythic. I’ll drop our full post below

U N R E A L is a guild of Heroic/Mythic experienced raiders who reside on Bleeding Hollow. Currently, we are 10/10 Heroic and are heading into Mythic CN.

A little about our family: Our primary goal is to have fun! This is a game and a source of stress relief and relaxation. We are fostering a positive, welcoming community. Open communication is welcome and encouraged! The Officers are people just like you, so feel free to message them any time!

Why you should choose U N R E A L: We have such a deep pool of knowledge for every class and every type of player, so come on down! Cutting Edge content in Shadow Lands is a realistic goal for us as a guild. If you’re thinking about jumping to Horde, or need a new server with a growing community, now is the time! We are currently spamming Mythic+ to get the gear and io required to push into Mythic Castle. We will also make sure every main in guild has their weekly M+ key done for the Tuesday loot chest.

Raid times are: Tuesday/Thursday 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

Recruitment: All quality players are welcome. No specific class needs at this point. If you’re interested, or think you’re a good fit, please contact us below!


The Dirtiest Dan#3075






Hey imistyou we are recruiting

Guild: Numinous

Realm: Dalaran-US

Faction: Horde

Raid Times: Friday/Saturday 9PM-12AM EST

(We occasionally extend our raid duration, but only if the entire raid comes to an agreement)

Current Progress: Castle Nathria 10/10 Normal | 9/10 Heroic

Currently Looking For:

Core Raid Team – Shadow Priest, Unholy Death Knight, Balance & Resto Druid.

Raid Team 2 - Currently forming looking for all classes and specialization.

Mythic+ Team - Accepting all classes and specializations for our Mythic+ team.

About Us:

Numinous was formed in earlier February 2021. Since then, we have grown with quality members. Our guild was created by experienced raiders who wanted to make a semi-hardcore-based guild that progressed into high-tier content while maintaining a chill atmosphere. Our main goal is to keep that chill atmosphere inside raids and out. We strongly believe that if any progression is made in anger, then it just is not worth it in the end. We also run high mythic+ keys and are currently developing a Mythic+ Team. Our guild is active in discord even when we are not doing guild activities.

Contact Information:

Battlenet-Tag: M05final#1114

Discord: M05final#9096

Hello! You sound like you’d be a great fit for our Guild ([Faded Gods] on Kil’Jaeden.

We are a semi-casual raiding group looking to add to our roster. Currently running 2/3/9-10. Used to run 2/4/14. We raid Sat/Sun 6-8 pacific. We have m+ and RBG nights on Thursdays. We have a handful KSM players with some others working on getting there.

We are a laid back group, focused on pushing content, but doing so in a way that is relaxed and fun for everyone.

Hit me up on BNet! bark#11701

Hey, Welcome to Chilis based on Zul’jin Horde is looking to recruit for our second raid team! Raiding on Saturdays 8:30pm EST - 11:00pm EST with our main raid being 3/10M raiding on Tues/wed same times, we push mythic key content having multiple players being ksm and helping other guildies earn it. Hit me up MarkWallBang#2010 this is my discord, We are a great community that loves to talk in discord, stream, chat, and help improve each other.

Adventure Friends Alliance
We are currerntly 2/10M looking for more all specs and classes. We are alliance on Dragonmaw server group.
We raid Wed/Thurs 6pm-9pm PST. We were formed just about 1 year ago. During BFA we were able to hit 3/12M in short amount of time.
We are looking for more members to add to the guild that are commited and looking for push mythic bosses. CE might be out of reach for Castle, but we want to push and achieve CE during upcoming, and future raids.

We are more on the chill level, and look to have a good laugh while downing bosses. Most of the guild has KSM, knowledge of pvp, 1800 in RBGs, and do other events while we have down time.

We are trying to grow our guild large enough to have two solid raid groups. All applications are welcome. Feel Free to message me on bnet. NosTheHitman#1903

Hi Imistyou,

Homie Hoppers (Alliance-Stormrage) is currently looking for a tank for our newly formed weekend raid - raid times 8:30pm-11:30pm EST Friday/Saturday. Led by 2-day 8/10M raiders, we are looking to fill out our roster with solid players to kill some mythic bosses while maintaining a fun & relaxed non-toxic atmosphere. This team is currently 3/10M with Sun King almost down.

If interested, please fill out our brief application at or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Bnet (Reagan#11656).

This could depend on how hard you’re looking to raid. Feel free to give it a glance

Tylown#1117 if you’d like to talk

Guild - Stormrage

Sick of logging in and waiting 2-3 hours in group finder to do something relevant? Well I am!
I personally like logging into WoW with the goal of doing certain content and doing it. That’s why I’ve made this community.

Looking for chill players of any content to come together and do that content. An enjoyable place to play your class(&spec)
(Current active hours 5-10 CST M-F | Daily Weekends)

Mythic Plus

  • Preferably if your goal is to do 15+ spam!
  • Will always be willing to help others in down time and looking for the same

Heroic Raiding (9.1) Tues > Wed: 7 - 10 CST
Lives are a thing and raids are a large time commitment, as a Mythic raider in Legion I understand.

  • Looking to create a fun environment to push ourselves (FOR THE PARSE!) and achieve AOTC.
  • Once progression is done we can farm just Tues OR/AND attempt Mythic when it’s cross server Wed
  • Will be looking for a raid lead!


  • RBG would be great as it’s smaller casual content that is competitive
  • Arena pushing individuals who hate sitting in a LFG for 1 game just to quit. Form a bond and push!
  • Never hurts to help others learn in and outs! Some people are 1 tip away from that next rank!

Other cause who knows! Some weird and world event type stuff happens when a bunch of people get together to have fun.

Log on, play, progress, no wait. All are welcome. Willing to guide and gear when free.

Take note this is new so growth over time!

Greetings! I believe you will be a great fit our raid team. We are currently looking for a second tank for a core spot! We also do Mythic+ during our downtime as well as alt raids. I am going to leave our guild info below and i would love to chat more with you!

I didn’t see a way to contact you so I’ll just leave this here.

Strategic Miscalculation is looking for more players!

We’ve been together for three years and are made up of some friendly, helpful, fun players. We do it all from raiding/M+/pet battle/pvp/mount collection/achievement runs. We have the most generous Guild Lead you’ll meet.

M+: Can always use more people in the evening to run M+, we have all level types, some of us pushing 17-18’s and some of us in the 5’s still learning and everything between.

Raid: We have 2 raid teams

Wed/Sun 9-11 pm server (CST) is a casual AOTC team for people who don’t want to stress the little things but want to kill bosses. Looking for DPS. Current progress is 7/10 Heroic.

Fri/Sat 8-11 pm server (CST) is a progression focused team that goes into mythic with the intent to have fun while still moving forward in mythic raiding. Looking for DPS and one healer. Half the team stopped raiding shortly after getting AOTC, before leaving we were 2/10 M.

If you are still new (or just coming back) and learning we are a great fit, or if you are an old wow player and are just looking for a fun home to push high content with, we’d be a great fit too. Please reach out to myself on Btag or Discord to ask more questions if you have any.

Bnet: Vin#12877
Discord: Vin#7832