[H]<Ours is the Fury> AOTC Guild Fri/Sat LFM

Ours Is The Fury is a guild of friends on Turalyon. We focus on heroic raids, but we’ll also dabble in mythic when it’s xrealm. Our current raid times are:

Fri - Sat 8:30-11:00 est

Currently looking for:

tank, swing healer, ranged dps

We’re just looking to round out the roster. We’ll take a look at any exceptional player. We also have room for players primarily interested in M+. Occasionally pvp happens too.

edit: After heroic is on farm, if there’s interest we’ll do the early mythic bosses. We have no plans to become a mythic-focused guild.

If you’re interested, get in touch with me on bnet (pete#1889) or discord (shagga#0931).