[H] Conviction (8/9M - 2 day) LF DPS


We are of Bleeding Hollow, a former semi-hardcore raiding guild that was formed at the beginning of WotLK. We are currently recruiting for positions on our main roster.

**Note: We always consider highly exceptional applicants, even if listed as closed below **

Currently Recruiting:

Mages - Open
Priests - Open for Shadow, Disc/Holy
Warriors - Open for DPS
Warlocks - Open
Shaman - Open for Ele/Resto
Paladin - Open for Ret
Hunter - Closed
Rogue - Closed
Druid - Open for Boomkin (Resto OS)
Death Knight - Open for DD
Demon Hunter - Open for DD
Monk - Open for WW

We are currently looking to fill our roster with dedicated, patient and loyal players who strive to progress.

General Raid Schedule:

Tuesday - 7:30pm-10:30pm CST
Sunday - 6:30pm-10:30pm CST

Current and Past Progression:

Crucible of Storms
Normal: 2/2
Heroic: 2/2
Mythic: 0/2

Battle for Dazar’Alor
Normal: 9/9
Heroic: 9/9
Mythic: 8/9

Normal: 8/8
Heroic: 8/8
Mythic: 7/8


We expect and encourage our raiders to strive for 100% attendance. Consistent tardiness or absences will likely result in a demotion from a raider status, meaning less access to raid consumables, guild repairs, mats, loot, as well as losing your position in our roster.

Additional Information

We feel that this is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in being a part of our guild, as we are a very tight knit group of friends. If you are an individual who would be passionate about watching our guild grow and progress through content, please take the time to read over our guild website and contact us for a Discord interview.

Apply Here:

  • https://forms.gle/vqszLmRVeGx69xVd9


  • cv-guild.com

Contact: Teeze#1321 // Badlock#1975

5/8M 384 Warlock LF raid
Lock LF mythic BfD
Warrior/mage LFG 8/9m exp
8/9M 418 Lock lf hardcore raid Guild
419 Frost Mage LF Guild 7/9M
414 spriest looking for guild
415 Boomkin with resto os
[A] 5/9 Mage LF CE pushing guild
7/9M 420 Ret Paladin LFG to finish CE and beyond
419 frost mage/413 balance druid LFG
6/9M Experienced Warlock Reroll LF Weeknight guild
410 Ele/416 Mage Multiclass 6/9M LF CE Guild
[H] 411 Shadow or Holy Priest
5/9M Warr Tank/ Warlock LF CE
413 Warlock 6/9M LF Guild [H]
414 H Warlock looking to do mythic Prog
412 3/9m aotc bm hutner looking for guild
Healer LF mythic raiding guild for 8.2 and beyond
413 ww monk illidan
3/9M Looking for guild
6/9M Rogue (415 ilvl) LF CE Progression Guild
405 Rogue LF Myhtic guild 5/9 exp
Hpal LF mythic guild
Group of 8-10 4/9M LF Guild / Merge
3/9M+ 411 Assn Rogue LF Mythic Guild
413 Mage with 6/9M exp LF guild
7/9 mythic experience LFG
Multiple 7/9M Raiders LF new Home
[H] Group of 3 looking for a new mythic raiding guild
407/405 Holy Paladin/Prot Paladin LF Mythic Guild
417 Holy Paladin Looking for Mythic Guild
403 SPriest LF casual/semi-casual raiding guild
418 holy paladin 6/9m lf weekend ce guild
(H) 410 DH LF Guild (or Ele, read below)
3/9m 420 Mage LF Mythic Guild
415 Havoc DH 4/9M LF Mythic Raiding Guild
3/9M 411 Destro Lock LF Mythic Raiding Guild
408 UH DK LF Mythic Raiding Guild
5/9M UH DK LF New home
[H] 3/9M 414 WW Monk (1540io)
Found a guild
Please delete
Please Delete
{H} 396 Mistweaver LF Guild / Will Race/Server Transfer <3
[H] 398 AOTC MW Monk LFG
Ele and Ret LF Guild for Future Content
3/9M 411 Shadow priest LF alliance guild
7/9M 414 Hunter and 414 Holy Priest LF Guild
408 Prot/Fury Warr LF 2 Day/Week Guild
409ilvl Warlock lf mythic Raiding guild
410/411 Rogue 4/9M
405 Fury Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Guild
411 Rogue LF mythic guild
1 Healer, 2 RDPS and 2 MDPS 4/9M LF Raid
405ilvl neck40 MW/HP/DH 1/9m 9/9h
3/9M Hpally lf home horde or alliance
409 3/9 mythic mistweaver monk looking for guild
4/9 Mythic Moonkin LF Guild
6/9M exp warrior/warlock
[H] 2/9M Veteran Hunter LF Guild
[H] 409 Warlock 3/9M BoD LF Guild
411 ilvl Warlock 5/9m
1/9M 412.5 Ele Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild
406 6/9M Lock lf 2d/week guild
2 AOTC Raiders LF Guild
403 Shadow / 403 MW LF Alliance Home
[H] 411 MW Monk LF Mythic Raiding Guild
411 Shadow Priest 3/9M LF Progress
[402 Balance] [9/9H] Looking to push into mythic
4/9M WW, MW, Hunter Trio ISO CE Guild
403 Balance/resto druid LFG
408 Boomkin 9/9H and 1/9M LF CE guild!
393 Boomy 1/9m 5/9H LF 3 day Hc/Semi hc Guild
396 1/9M (8/8H) boomkin LF guild
395 Balance Druid LF New raid guild
9/9N 7/9H MW monk LF guild
Resto shaman, MW/WW monk LF Raiding/PVP Guild
374 Mistweaver LF 2 Night Potential CE and M+
LFG 380 Assassin rogue
[H] 384 Rogue LF Guild
No Longer Looking...Thank you
386 ilvl Wind (no longer looking) Walker / Mistweaver looking for guild next tier
7/8M Hpal/Rsham Interested in a New Guild
383 warlock LF mythic guild
Horde Resto Shaman - 4/8M Experience - Looking For Raid Home
[H] 389 Havoc and 380MW LF Mythic Guild
2/8M Rogue LF home (92% M-Ghuun to help friends)
379 Boomy LF Mythic Guild
Boomy looking for Mythic guild!
378 DH / 375 hunter LF guild
[A] 383+ Mage LF Mythic raiding guild - Stormrage
375. Mw/Priest/rdruid lf guild
386 mw monk 380 resto druid LF raid spot and solid Myth+ team
384 spriest and 375 Rshaman LF [H] mythic progression
5/9mxp sp/disc lf raiding /pvp guild
414 Ret 413 Holy pally looking for guild
415 Ele Sham LF CE GUILD
(Teeze) #2

Still recruiting for a few positions!

(Teeze) #3

Immediate position open for a MW monk and solid DPS!

[H] 5/8M 384 Rogue LF Mythic Guild
5/8M 386 Balance Druid LF 1night or 6hour guild
385 Assassin Rogue Lf Horde Guild
372 Mage looking for home. (CE Experience)
5/8m raider lf Guild for BFD
(H) 382 Spriest looking for Mythic guild
(H) 377 Resto Shaman and 384 Havoc DH LF New guild
(Teeze) #4

Still have positions open for solid players!

(Teeze) #5

Any MW monks out there?!


Room for a Rogue, MW, Warlocks, Boomers!

(Teeze) #7

Where all the warlocks at?!


Recruiting a MW, Lock and Boomer!

(Teeze) #9

Room open for a WW, Ret and Ranged DPS!

(Teeze) #10

Still looking to recruit for a few positions!

(Teeze) #11

Room for a Ret, WW, and rDPS!

(Teeze) #12

Any WW exist?


Teeze, your bnet friends list is full, can’t add.

(Teeze) #14

If you get this - try again! :slight_smile:


Still recruiting solid DPS!

(Teeze) #16

Do WW and Warlocks exist? Boomers?

(Teeze) #17

Still recruiting!! MW and Hpal!


Ranged DPS, where you at?! WW?

(Teeze) #19

Up up and away!


Open recruitment now for mages, DK (DD) and Hpal!