(H) 377 Resto Shaman and 384 Havoc DH LF New guild

Hello, me and my friend are both looking for a new guild as ours just called it quits for mythic raiding for next tier. I just mained switched to a resto shaman. we both have 5/8M Uldir experience. we are looking for a 2 day raiding guild that runs EST or CST. Logs linked will have me on my shaman as well as the DH. We are both active players that love to do mythic + as well.

377 Rshaman-Lumbermill
384 DH Brioedgelord
Demon hunter has been playing since legion, very high dps and knowledgeable player.
DH logs www warcraftlogs com/reports/GHVz8KXaJqvMD43R

Bnet: Cleric#1972
discord: cleric#2416

We are located on the US Arthas server and we are a conglomerate of raiders from different servers over the past 8-10 years who have come back together to kill some bosses and get some loots. If your looking to join a group that has fun but also makes things dead then we are what you are looking for.

We raid on Monday and Wednesday from 8-11 Pm Est.
Tuesday is our normal run and throughout the week we are also running mythic+ as a guild.

Our current progression
8/8 - Normal
8/8 - Heroic
2/8 - Mythic.

Current Recruitment Needs
Healers: Resto Druid/MW Monk/Holy Paladin
Casters: High: Mage, Warlock, Boomkin, Hunter
Melee: Medium: Demon Hunter, Monk, Rogue, DeathKnight

For more info please seek out Malters on real id Raindown#1470 or any of the below officers in game.
Malters- GM
Vendicarsi/Zennku - Tank Officer
Tarsil- Healer Officer
Zarxx/Criptkeeper - Dps Officer

BreakingGameBalance - Bleeding Hollow - 8/8N - 8/8H - 7/8M - is recruiting players for our Mythic progression roster.

Currently we are raiding 2 days a week (Wed/Thur) and are looking to add skilled players to our Mythic progression roster.

BreakingGameBalance is full of veteran raiders who are competent, competitive, and enjoy raiding.

As of now we are looking to compliment our roster and progress through Mythic Uldir.

Ideal Players:

  • Active and competitive
  • Have an understanding of Mythic raiding
  • Eager to learn and continuously work to improve their play
  • Understanding of logs and how to analyze their performance
  • Can show up on time for raids 2 days a week

375+ ilvl and 33+ artifact level are required.
70%+ parses are a large plus.

Our raid schedule is:

Wednesday (9-12 ST or EST)(8-11 CST)(6-9 PST)
Thursday (9-12 ST or EST)(8-11 CST)(6-9 PST)

Recruiting All exceptional players who share our mindset !

All exceptional players will be considered for a spot regardless of spec. Trials are offered at the beginning of each week.

Our roster IS COMPETITIVE and we will be taking the best 20 players into Mythic.

Remember, we like to have fun and are looking for like-minded players interested in raiding Mythic and progressing on bosses.

Please send an officer a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks !

Jinxed#1459 (Raid Lead)
Lowhealing FailFixer#11337 (Guild Master)

Hey there!

Conviction of Bleeding Hollow is currently recruiting a solid RSham for BfD. We might be what you are looking for! Check us out:

Hey Lumber, we are a brand new guild, just started today actually, focused on doing mythic plus, and normal/heroic raid. We are on Kalecgos and looking for healers and dps. If you want to be part of something new and something great let me know! Zoid#1170 is my btag

Hello, Astral is currently recruiting for immediate core positions in our mythic progression team.

(4/8M) - Mal’ganis - Horde

Raid Times
Friday / Saturday
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Server (CST)

About Us:
is a Mythic progression guild built from Cutting Edge players many of which have been playing since 2005. We are a newer guild that started at the end of Legion with an extremely strong core team and a focus to clear Mythic content quickly.

We enjoy having a steady progression focused environment with an efficient and condensed schedule.

What do we give you?
We provide a fun, drama free environment for you to play alongside like-minded players while experiencing end game progression. Outside of raiding, members enjoy other in-game content such as pushing high M+ keys, leveling alts, pulling together alt runs, etc. Many members also play numerous games outside of WoW such as Overwatch, PUBG, LoL, etc.

We also provide all raiders with flasks, feasts, potions, and 2500g in repairs

Nefia#1855 - BNET
Nef#7418 - Discord

Guild: The Sworn-Arthas

Raid times: Tuesday and Monday 9PM to 12AM EST

Progress: 8/8N, 8/8H, 3/8M

Contact: Kentauri-BNET: Kentauri#1750, Discord: Kentauri#4150
Wraug-BNET: Wraug#1125, Discord: #5569

Needs: Any and all competent players for mythic raiding and keys!

Guild & Server: :Horde: Mal’Ganis
Raid Times/Days: T/W 7:30pm - 10:30pm EST
Current Progression: 1/8M
Recruitment Contacts: Morpheus#1478


<The Night Show> is a Horde guild on Zul’Jin full of close knit friends with a lot of raiding exp since vanilla to include CE achievements.

We are recruiting for both our Heroic/Mythic raid team and mythic+ personnel.

If you run just mythic + and are looking for a active late night guild we are always recruiting any classes!

Currently 8/8 Heroic, 3/8 Mythic Uldir

We raid Sun,Mon 10PM-1AM PST that is 1AM-4AM EST. We are laid back when it comes to progression but also make sure that we get stuff done. We want people who know how to communicate as well as have a good understanding of their roles. Please contact me with any further info you may want.

The goal for BFA is to obtain CE on each tier of raiding.

Recruiting: Holy Paladin/R Shaman, Rogue/Exceptional DPS

HUGE Priority: Holy Paladin/R Shaman, Rogue

SOCIAL members are more than welcome to join us. We are late nighters so if your looking for mythic+, PVP and or alt runs raider, please contact one of us.

requirements: Discord, eagerness to raid mythic content, likability, not soft hearted, 21+ years old. 365+ ilvl and 20+ heart.

Please contact Skoalmanck#1772 or MrRagerxx#1349 to see if we are a good fit.