[H] A52 <Azeroth Brewery> Recruiting for SL CE Progression Fri/Sat


I hope you’re as tired of this expac as I am. I’m ready for some changes, and it looks like Shadowlands may be the change I’ve been waiting on.

I guess I should introduce myself. I’m the GM of Azeroth Brewery [H] on Area 52. We’re starting to recruit for upcoming Shadowlands progression, and currently looking to fill DPS roles. If you’re a Mythic progression player that’s currently on hiatus, or a returning player… we hope to be the place for you. We’re looking to move through Heroic content and land firmly in Mythic for each tier in SL. We’re aiming for CE, but may not hit that goal with our raiding schedule and demographic. A majority of our raid team consists of older (25+ yo) players, many with spouses and/or children. We’ve always accepted that life happens. We do ask for common courtesy when it comes to missing raid, especially once we move into the fixed Mythic progression teams where the team composition may matter tremendously for progression.


We’ll be raiding on a Friday and Saturday evening schedule. Scheduled times may change once we start progression, but I can say we will be starting between 7 pm and 8 pm eastern (server). We’ve kept a 2 1/2 to 3 hour per night schedule during previous progression with a focus of more towards a 3 hour schedule during the beginning of tier raiding.


I’d like to focus on recruiting people willing, and capable, of filling the following roles for SL progression (in the order listed, others will be considered if they are able to play at an acceptable level):

Currently, RDPS are preferred, especially Warlock, Mage, and Hunter classes. All DPS classes will be considered, however. Please apply, even in the event you play a MDPS. DPS needs will obviously be changing moving into SL (as everything is still being tuned, it’s difficult to say what’s going to be a front runner moving forward). Players who are capable and willing to keep up multiple classes will be given preference.

If you would like to apply, please take the 5 minutes required and submit an application… it’ll make sure that someone with recruitment reaches out to you.
h ttps://forms.gle/Ad6EVRUL1S4UrJ6k7

If you’d like to chat some more about our guild before (or after) applying, send me a message on BNet or Discord.

Discord: GrumpyGamer#8110
Battle.net: GrumpyGamer#11838

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Good morning. Back to the top.

Good afternoon, back to the top.

Good afternoon!

Hey hey… still looking for you.

Still looking

Hey, these people are cool. You should join!

Still looking

Still looking

hi :smiley: i’m an aotc disc/shadow priest that’s looking for a long term home in shadowlands. I would love to be a part of your guild! I’d love to chat more, so i will add you on battlenet. :smiley:

Thanks Zero, look forward to chatting.

I’m planning to switch to Blood/Unholy DK in Shadowlands. Looking forward to moving away from mage after maining that during the last two expansions. Willing to server xfer…I know my avatar is an alliance toon but I have horde characters ready to level.

Eph, send me a bnet or discord msg and we can chat. Look forward to hearing from you.

Good afternoon. We’re still looking.

We’re still looking.

Back up before I go to sleep… we’re still searching.

Good evening… still looking for RDPS.

Nightly thread bump, still looking!

Hey guys, I have a friend that might be interested in ya’ll. He fits all the descriptors that you’re looking for, but will need to know a more concrete time. Are you looking to do Fri-Sat 7-10pm or 8-11pm est? That detail makes all the difference. Thanks!


We’ll most likely be opting for the 8-11pm schedule.