[H] Returning Windwalker Monk for SL

Character Name: Cleatusray
Former Name: Wolfhawkin
Main Spec: Windwalker Monk
Off-Spec Mistweaver Monk
Server: Thrall

Hello, I’m an old WoW vet who raided more hardcore primarily during BC-Cata era. During this tenure, I focused mostly on disc priest and feral druid. Throughout WoD-BfA I was more or less a casual raider and player. I fell into Windwalker monk during this time because it was a class I had the most fun playing despite them not being meta.

I’m currently looking for a guild that strives for AOTC and CE aspirations in raiding, as that more matches my playstyle and dedication when I raid. Despite being more casual in the past due to real-life circumstances, I’m looking to hit the grindstone for shadowlands.

On weekdays I’m available up until 10 pm ET, weekends are more lenient.

I have some casual raid parses for BfA upon request.

Thank you for taking the time to read through.


We’re looking to fill DPS slots for a Mythic core team with the goal of achieving CE in SL. If you aren’t too busy, take a minute to read over my recruitment post. If interested, fill out the application and someone involved in recruitment will be in touch.