478 Resto/Ele Shaman LF Guild 5/12M with Mythic N'Zoth exp

478 RShaman - 5/12M N’ya with Mythic N’Zoth exp. My main focus is on a core healing spot for Shadowlands. I am looking for a home that at least does AOTC and reasonable mythic progression/CE is a bonus. Former raiding experience all CE from Vanilla to Hellfire Citadel, now returning to the game. I’I really just want to find a home for Shadowlands that balances having a fun time while still keeping seriousness and control when needed. Some previous and maybe considered irrelevant achievements.

First Shaman, maybe US healer to solo heal Algalon 25, First Shaman to solo heal Mythic Archimonde. World 5th C’Thun, Us 2nd Muru. Probably seem irrelevant now but those are just some I can think of.

raider. io/characters/us/area-52/Sintrik
warcraftlogs. com/user/reports-list/61578/

Bnet: Sintrik#11918

worldofwarcraft. com/en-us/character/us/area-52/sintrik

Hey man, my name is Bullcon and I represent we are a friendly late night raiding guild thats looking for more cool people to push with us in Shadowlands

We raid Tuesday/Thursday from 11pm-2am PST or 2am-5am EST with a 3rd raid day added at the start/end of tiers (Wednesday)

We are currently 11/12M wnd progressing on Nzoth.

If you’re interested you can reach me at


Please take a look at my recruitment post. I think we may be a fit for what you’re looking for moving into SL.

Feel free to reach out if you want to chat.