Flagging is the new downvote

(Peppermint) #65

Mods just need to take action against people who clearly flag stuff out of spite.


It may have been a coincidence, but for the sake of science I just went and flagged you with mulitple toons on my account this message is now hidden. So take that as you will.

Edit: And now to unflag the message.

(Ninjastep) #67

Alright, let’s test this out;

I think BFA is the greatest expansion ever made;
Titanforging is here to stay and that’s a good thing;
I think pruning is great, less complexity is how I like it;

Lets see what happens.

(Ughash) #68

I’ve noticed this too recently, especially with that anti high elf thread. Was auto locked like 10 times and took a moderator 3 hours to review it all.

(Starlagosa) #69

It is worse and actually much worse when people can deliberately get an entire thread shut down.

(Tsavis) #70

I lol’d so you get a like, and there’s nuthin you can do about it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Starlagosa) #71

Offensive ‘names’ like those are against the rules. Why complain if they get reported?

(Tsavis) #72

Hey, you forgot your rainbow emoji. :frowning: i always look for that.

(Starlagosa) #73

Seemed odd that after it was opened by a moderator more than once and shut down over and over it took asking someone to look at it for them to stop the auto shutting down of it.

(Thèón) #74

Because the reason was false. As I’ve stated before. The 2 name’s were not real life threats, they were inappropriate and should be reported as such.

(Starlagosa) #75


(Starlagosa) #76

Does it matter if the punishment is the same?

(Thèón) #77

So you are fine with people getting falsely punished?

(Tsavis) #78

Thank you :wink:

(Starlagosa) #79

Absolutely not.
If the punishment is the same…what does it matter?

(Tsavis) #80

But it wasnt the names are in violation of coc regardless of the reason checked.

(system) #81

This topic is temporarily closed for 24 hours due to a large number of community flags.


Hi all –

We have seen some people excessively using the flagging feature as a way to get thread automatically locked or simply as a way to show their disapproval for it. The auto-lock is only meant as a stop-gap measure for negative discussions while our moderation team reviews the situation. If anybody is found to be intentionally abusing the flagging feature, their account may be subject to a suspension.

To be absolutely clear: the flagging feature is not the same as a downvote. The flagging is intended for violations of the Code of Conduct, not disagreements in discussions.

I understand the worries that can happen in a heated debate, so I also wanted to let people know that we do not automate any silences on the forums. Those are all done by our Moderators as they look into and review the conversations taking place.

I fully understand and can relate to how our passion for the game fuels our interest in playing it as well as discussing it. These forums are here to support those interests and if anybody is focusing on disrupting them for other people, that account will be suspended temporarily or possibly permanently. If you are not sure on a situation, please take the time to review the Code of Conduct before posting: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/code-of-conduct/

Thank you for your attention on this matter.


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