Faster Travels to Shadowfang Keep

We’ve had enough of traveling to Shadowfang Keep.

With a hotfix that will go live to all realms soon, Inspector Snip Snagglebolt and Detective Snap Snagglebolt will begin offering free Shadowfang Keep teleports to Alliance and Horde players respectively.

Just talk to them to get underway.


More changes. Please keep improving the game.


You don’t play this game, stop posting like you do.


Where are you thinking of placing the NPCs?

Capital cities by goblins? Or like Dalaran fountain?

It’s the already existing quest NPCs in Stormwind and Orgrimmar that are part of the event.

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Yeah I just realized that :smiley:

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Respectfully, this seems like a lazy fix in comparison to just giving us RDF que back tbh


upvote Mcg almost every time

What about putting a teleport to SM for alliance, SFK maybe a tad out of the way for alliance, horde they have the sepulcher… alliance need to go through 2-3 whole zones depending on the path you take… if you take the safer path of silver pine that’s 3 zones… if you take WPL you’re practically guaranteed a corpse run a few times before you get to tirisfall. I think that should be remedied WAYYY before SFK access. I honestly don’t think Horde, outside of gnomergan ever have any dungeons that are that hard to get to… I can name 3 for the alliance right off the top of my head… SM, RFK, RFD (especially at lower lvls if you haven’t traversed through thousand needles to Feralas to get that FP).

Why? This doesn’t seem very inline with discovering the world of Azeroth, imo.

Anyway, for the record, I don’t like this change.

If you’re Invincible, why can we see what you’re posting?


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Have a character on EU Mograine you don’t even play the game.
It was promised to fix the dungeon finder and they just deleted it!
I don’t have the time and motivation just for a mount to travel across Azeroth just to be in a Dungeon for 5 minutes!
Its not a raid get on with it kid!


Why the hell didn’t you fix the dungeon finder?
Ya’ll said we gonna investigate it. Blizzard doesn’t care at all about the classic realms …
Its insane that they can’t even fix a dungeon finder event.


This isn’t SoD. This is a holiday boss.


Ahh okay, that makes more sense then.

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Any chance the respawn time for the bosses can be improved? Its about 1m30s-2m which means per group, you’ll spend about 6 to 8 minutes just sitting around.

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Because summoning stones don’t work, premade groups is cross realm but there are no cross realm layers.

It is, but their pants are on fire with SoD phase 2.

Go play vanilla classic and stop caring about what happens to any other edition of the game.

There a reason you couldn’t have done this at the start of the event?

It was already changed by not having the event on RDF. This is more of a fix. But what is it to you, anyway? You’ve claimed to be quitting how many times now? Just do it already instead of regularly claiming you’re going to quit.

Don’t generalize orc with trolling. Most trolls (such as you) aren’t even orc.


They keep unsubscribing.


How can they have a sub ending 17 March and 31 March? Even if you cancelled and resubbed, that wouldn’t add up.

Do they have two accounts or are they just lying?