Faster Travels to Shadowfang Keep

Probably lying


Didn’t RDF make this already happen? If anything this is in line with what WotLK actually had.


Every day it gets more and more like retail. So glad I was lucky enough to play the original version of all expansions of this game!

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Little late to the game. Warlock summoners have filled their wallets and moved on to SM. I guess this will be good for the alts who need to SFK. It’s funny people say stuff like this is ruining classic, but everyone is fine with must be 7/7, have every piece of BIS gear and consumes, and only want people in dungeon groups only with aoe or spell cleave or whatever. Where is the “classic” need a dps, tank, and healer NON-specific traits. Just make groups and do dungeons. I mean they are classic dungeons not mythic raids!

dude, this is for wrath.
It’s posted in Wrath section of forums.


How about fixing the que???

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hush up buttercup…

You guys should probably specify if this is for WOTLK or SOD because I know tons of people who think this is for SOD.

It’s on the Wrath forum, and the NPCs in question are part of the valentine event. There shouldn’t be any need to clarify.


Tons of people in this forum post actually dooming about SOD spirit of classic and discovering and outside other discords because people have knee-jerk reactions. They’re just looking at links thinking it’s an easy walk to SM for dungeon grinding or for sfk bots.

Yea because the classic world of warcraft zones need discovering.

You have brain rot my guy.


Neither NPC currently offers a teleport to SFK after today’s restarts. Is there any pre-requisite to unlocking it?


Is the WoW team going to fix RDF for the event? If you aren’t then just be honest with us. The community is tired of being strung along or just being left in the dark completely. It’s been a week.

Odd indeed. Was really expecting it to be done within 2 hour downtime window.

I think you have to swipe your credit card on the bliz store to enable fast travel!

Respawn times for the bosses are still super long. People have been complaining about them every group.

Steamwheedle Shyster is also still offering a non existent queue for Crown Chemical Co.

Teleports are active now. Hooray!

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Why not just enable the meeting stones if we’re going to be doing this? They’re already in place and ready to go? Seems pretty straight foward.

I actually agree with you, but still people keep thinking this is for SOD. Blizzard should clarify in a blue post so people can stop spreading misinformation.

You get a teleporter as Horde. Horde has the best pathing in the entire game unless you want to fly to moonglade lol.