Pay to win now. It's over

This hurt retail big time and there’s really no way to remove wow tokens once you implement them. So the game is officially pay to win. Obviously a lot of people cheated and bought gold, but they claimed to be constantly improving bot detection systems. This just shows they have given up and don’t care anymore. Probably just an executive decision forced upon the devs. No one wants this. Maybe no life people who farm these tokens for sub money. GDKP GDKP GDKP, this is all you will see now. I took a break when the fresh servers for wrath died, came back to this mess. I will not play your pay to win game. 2 days left on sub bye.


Your subscription for World of Warcraft® Subscription - 1 Month has been canceled. You’ll no longer be charged, though you can still play until your current subscription expires on March 31 2024 07:09 PM (PST). Manage your account at any time on renewing your subscription!

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It hurt the game, but it didn’t hurt Blizzard. Blizz makes more now with 1-2 million subs than they did with 12 million. It’s all about micro-transactions, the cash shop, milking whales.

So you can look at Classic and say bots are everywhere and Blizz does nothing about them. People are buying gold (illegally and legally). The experience is tarnished. The project is corrupt and degraded. None of that matters to Blizzard. Classic exists to milk whales. End of story.


You knew what you were signing up for with a fully subscription-based game.

You have gold trading confused with botting. These are not the same.


The token spurs illegal gold buying. And where does that gold come from? Bots.


No such thing as p2w in wow.


Yep. WFR was settled over 10 year ago lol.

I personally see token as pay 2 (level) play. Best I can give them here.

I’d not be sticking to some grobb levelers nearly as much with out that little surge to over 5k gold of late.

I am not paying to win. I am paying to get greens I can’t get in dungeon runs. or the blues, ofc.

LFG can be slow as hell on grobb my play time. 2-4 levels…see the AH. Check the greens. And thus my say level 26 paladin is no longer running that gear piece she found at level 19 lol.

ok see you in ICC


WoW isn’t pay to win.


have you been winning?


We in theory see them in dalaran in the greatest gear on the greatest mount and bow down to their greatness as they stride by.

In practice…ngl, I don’t even know what the hell most of this gear looks like. I don’t even know what I am supposed to bow down to in reverance.

well that and I am not in dalaran much to give them homage lol. I check into the place every 3 hours for WG. And I jsut stare at the WG battlemaster then till I can queue in.


i lowkey wish they didnt add tmog and raid lockout savings tbh…

i liked both at the time but now… meh.

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I have no feelings one way or the other.

I do see the people who liked non mog’s stances however.

But I am more focused on pvp. And I work more off HP bars and such.

I don’t see armour in BG. I will admit at 50 I cannot in a say 8 on 8 zerg battle pick out armour by sight for all those people lol.

I can, however, tab over people, see my Elvui show hp bar, buff and debuffs on them and this is how I pick targets.

If a theoretical full pvp HP bar for a class is value X and I see them beneath that I sense not full pvp gear. Stuff like goes into choice to engange. less stamina also could mean pve gear no resilience.

And if my locks and s. priests have dotted the crap out of them…that usually means target time.

I don’t see armour. I see HP and how easier they will drop if debuffed and dotted.


Going to be honest the only real value for the token is to get game time. GDKP combined with gold selling that spawned from bots have inflated peoples gold to such a point that I wouldn’t doubt the balance has tipped in the wrong direction for Blizzard.

A 4-5k token is nothing to a botter and helps fuel armies of accounts to keep botting. Supply on 3rd party sites continue to sky rocket as a result. Hell, some people probably even buy gold from those sites to pay less for WoW by turning it into game time. That is the real tragedy of this whole thing. It did very little to nothing to stop gold selling from 3rd party sites. Its low price fuels those sites machines. GDKP allows gold bought from those sites to be washed and flushed into the market where more people use tokens for game time.

The economy is pretty much trash. If you are like me and run GDKPs then you don’t feel it or care. If you don’t you are lucky in WOTLK golds value has been dropped to next to nothing for most things you NEED in the game. So… the reality is its just a big machine that fuels armies of bots with game time, fuels GDKP runs, and over all crushed the soul from the game.

This comes from the same people that thought RDF would kill community. But a lot of people don’t bother running with guilds anymore because you can get just everything you want with as far as your gold can carry you. To get started in that world you just swipe the card at a 3rd party or with Blizzard. Then you get rolled into the machine.

Hell, I wouldn’t doubt if a lot of guilds out there are just husks. People that are in one on like their main for “friendship” but say little or do little together minus log in and raid for a couple hours a week to collect loot then conspire behind each others backs about the color of their number on another 3rd party website or care more about doing GDKPs with “people” that care more about their purse size then anything to do with their personality or persona.

This is how community dies though. With thunderous applause.


What are you winning?

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Lemme go find all the times you’ve posted this while you keep changing the date.

I’m sure there are more recent ones, but this is from the last time I checked.

To the OP … nice doom and gloom first post on a sock puppet none the less.


Meanwhile I’m getting my BiS TOGC gear for free, but please do go on about how WoW is P2W.


Tmog is one of those things I don’t partake in but it also has zero negative impact on me and it’s kind of fun seeing what others come up with.

I call it pay to not have friends. Guilds and solid friends crews have less issues here.

Or I call it pay to skip LC. which had/has a fix. But not many liked it.

It was called personal loot. Now only in dungeons for retail. IF the GM’s had in mind a better recipient in mind for that drop, oh well.

If an upgrade for you, it was stuck to you like as if glued lol.

You can’t make a loot pile in personal loot. no loot pile, no gdkp . Its Masterloot that makes gdkp possible.