No one should be subbed to WoW at this point

Just buy a WoW token for ~5k gold and never spend money again for a WoW sub, my game time ends in Febuary, bought like 10 months worth of game time and it cost me nothing.

People who say that they’re canceling their sub because of X reason after the token came never made sense to me, they’re just wasting their money with a sub when there’s a free option.

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Your subscription for World of Warcraft® Subscription - 1 Month has been canceled. You’ll no longer be charged, though you can still play until your current subscription expires on November 23 2023 04:20 AM (PST). Manage your account at any time on renewing your subscription!

Blizzard Entertainment

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what about those people who buy tokens from shop to sell on AH ? for sure they can’t be included in your “no one should be subbed”


What is even the point of this post ?

  1. You can’t play without purchased game time. The token still does this. It’s not much different than a sub.
  2. The token isn’t “free.” It actually cost more than a normal sub. Token=20$/month. Sub=15 or less. Blizzard is making MORE when you buy tokens, not less.

If you prefer to buy time with gold rather than money, that’s fine, but you’re still buying time, one way or the other.

Here’s a pointless response to a pointless response.

You’re saying they don’t get any money when given 20$, as opposed to getting money when given 15$? That literally makes no sense. Your logic seems to hinge on who the money comes from, which doesn’t matter. They GOT money, one way or the other. They could care less who it comes from.

Here’s another pointless response to another pointless response.

You need to put down the shovel. You’re just rambling either without a point or one that makes no sense.


It’s funny when people think they’re sticking it to Blizzard by buying tokens with gold. Guess what: your sub is still being paid for. It’s just being paid by someone else, and for an extra $5.


People don’t understand that they’re paying for it with the time they spend grinding for gold to buy the token.

Opportunity cost is a thing.


Thank god for people who doesn’t want to spend time grinding gold.

time is more important than money.



I value the 5k gold over the $15 that gets taken out of my account every month

In game gold pays for my consumes, enchants, gems, gambling etc - if I ran out of money I’d just buy a token, but then the whole gambling aspect which %90 of my gold goes to becomes a bit too real, and anyway 1-2 GDKP leech sessions sets me up for a whole tier of gold

$15/month is such a small amount it’s not even worth putting any thought to for gold v irl money


Everyone is included save for people that just started, gold is so free with GDKP’s and general flipping that there’s no real reason to be subbed at all.

To state my opinion

Yes you purchase game time/sub and you eventually reach a point where you have enough gold income to cancel your sub and just redeem WoW tokens.

No, Blizzard doesn’t make any money when I buy a token (with gold), someone else bought that, not me.

The difference being whether if I use actual currency or a currency in a game.

Now I know that you didn’t specify me but I’m not trying to stick it to Blizzard I just see pointless spending when there’s a better option.

Doesn’t even take that long, takes me like 30 minutes at most to purchase things to flip then whenever I’m putting things on the AH it only takes me like 3 minutes per day with each day giving me ~1k which easily pays for a WoW token within a month.

It’s genuinely concerning that you’d value a games currency more than actual money, either you’re very young or you have a lot of money… or you’re just bad with money who knows.

op is not very bright.

Blizzard would rather you buy sub time with gold, because that means someone paid $20 instead of the 13 dollars.

Blizzard makes more money off wow token sales than monthly subscriptions, so technically you gave blizzard 20 dollars instead of 13, your just buying time off someone that paid 20 bucks. Nothing is free since that gold has real world value and time is a form of currency as well.


You can run a single GDKP and have enough gold to buy a token and with TotGC being the current raid it doesn’t take that long at all to do (45 minutes at most) at the end of which you’ll be given enough gold to buy more than one token. Personally I think 45 minutes (at most) a week for a month of game time is worth it.

it doesn’t matter to me if I technically paid $20, technicalities don’t mean much to me, in reality I paid ~5k gold which is better than if I were to pay the $15, I don’t care if someone had to of purchased the token for me to buy it and like I said above the way I make gold (flipping) doesn’t take that long either so while I understand your point I still stand by mine.

5k gold is nothing, game is basically free but please keep finding reasons to keep spending 15$ a month so that we keep buying tokens at low prices.

So do you think that the tons of people who buy tokens from shop to put it on ah will be buying sub via “paying gold to buy tokens from ah”

you aren’t aware of 2x facts
1-The low price tokens existence in Ah means that tons of people are buying gold because their time in reality is worth more than wasting it to go get the gold from gdkp “that’s only the poor players actions.”
2-what’s so called ‘free gold in gdkp’ means that there are players who paid that gold and most likely they got it from buying shop tokens to get gold in order to get whatever items they want to have.

summary!!! before tokens arrival there was X number of paid sub but now after blizzard add the tokens on shop they started to gain more money since every token is considered 1month sub for more money paid, what happened is that the poor players trades their time to get that sub while the rich are trading their money to save time.

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The people who sell tokens for gold–should they be subbed?

Swiping a credit card and buying gold from a 3rd party site isn’t real time intensive.

Tokens just mean more players buy gold illegally since now they save money and time.

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Apparently there are so many people doing this that the Token Price is under 5k gold! It seems like this is an incredibly popular thing to do.

if you don’t do daily’s or run gdkp’s then you won’t have any gold and your only option to get gold is through buying tokens.

ofc there are people who only enjoy raiding or arena and they need to get gems / enchants or use consumes/craft something or w/e so they buy tokens.

not to mention if a whale joined wow, he wouldn’t bother doing anything but buying tokens to go buy gear from gdkp’s.

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It’s known as a “humble brag”.

I.E. the OP is letting people know that they have exploited, purchased, and/or gamed their way to vast amounts of gold. I imagine they are hoping this will impress people somehow and increase their very low sense of self-worth. In their eyes this is an achievement worthy of praise and they are hoping such information will illicit some envy from the people who read their post.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: