WOTLK Botting Situation

Cannot report them fast enough…



its all over the place , i just did a arathi basin with 9 paladin bots !


We shouldn’t have to report such obvious botting in the first place. If they had any kind of active staff policing BGs, these bots would be spotted in seconds and banned long before reports would even reach their inbox. The bots are also repetitive enough to be easily flagged by automatic detection, which Blizzard apparently isn’t using.


I’m convinced at this point that they are added on purpose =/
This is ridiculous.

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Blizzard Entertainment

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THIS happened in my bg too i come here to say and youre video show it same as my experience in a battleground. botting makes the game worse

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world of bot craft

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Me and my husband have started calling them bottle grounds.
Just got out of a strand, and we had 4 players that were not bots :frowning:

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