Wotlk officially dead

There’s hardly any decent groups for ICC
30+ minute rdf ques to level
Hardly anyone in Dalaran

You guys killed Wotlk with releasing SoD RIGHT in the middle of a raid release, on top of the buff. You devs have literally made it pointless to play this game. We don’t need to gear anymore with a 30% buff coming down the pipe. Hell my guild stopped doing 10mans because “there’s no point with a stacking buff”.

SoD sucks, because you made it form vanilla instead of a later xpac.


Blizzard seemed eager to pull its life support plug sooner than expected. By hosting SOD, they deliberately fragmented the player base (SOMETHING THEY CLAIM TO NOT WANT TO DO). I hope they’re happy with SOD, as it’s soon have just as many bots and just as few real players.

A previous post of yours said January. Hilarious that you keep claiming you’re going to quit while actively adding more game time. You are a prime example of why Blizzard couldn’t care less about “I’m quitting” posts. Next you’ll link a March date.


Totally agree with the OP.

Your subscription for World of Warcraft® Subscription - 1 Month has been canceled. You’ll no longer be charged, though you can still play until your current subscription expires on February 14th 2024 06:20 PM (PST). Manage your account at any time on renewing your subscription!

Blizzard Entertainment


Lmao goes out in February

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This is not an airport. You don’t have to announce your departure. Having said that, see you on Feb 15 after you renew.


SoD isn’t the only reason. It’s a natural death from a variety of natural causes. Holidays, people losing interest after cumulative ICC buff starts, people resolved not to continue into cata for whatever reason, bots. The life cycle just accelerates at the tails of each expansion.

I went from two gdkps 11/12 and 7/12, three guilds 12/12, 11/12, 9/12, playing a bustling economy doing 40-50k daily profit selling stockpiles from phase 3, to basically dead in the 2 weeks from final week 0% ICC and first week 5% ICC. Now the AH/economy is dead, gdkps are having trouble filling, guilds consistently have 5 or more callouts or outright quits.

There might be a resurgence later on after the holidays, but I think now is a pretty good place to call it. Not gonna wait for it. It’s been a lot of fun. I already started giving away my gold to various guildies and friends who are gonna continue playing SoD or Cata. Free game time for all the homies. Hopefully Blizz doesn’t wrongfully ban any of them. An obscene amount of gold went out. My own accounts are tokensubbed til like 2025 +10 token max, so I’ll still pop in here and there, but wotlk is effectively dead for me.


Yeah, I decided to give HC a whirl while waiting for RDF to come out. Unsurprisingly, RDF was sabotaged with all this ‘instant-kick’ silly-sallyness. And then there’s not gonna be a permanent WoTLK server? Well, that about killed my desire to come back to LKClassic.

HC is still fun, but I’d rather just have a permanent TBCC server. oh well :expressionless:


Because WoW Tokens, my friends and I left because of this.


It been 3 month since ICC released, 15 years old raid can only go so far. If I want to raid, I be playing dragonflight.

You’re a really lousy liar but I do admire your dedication to the craft.


TBC held up, why did not Wrath then if that’s so? TBC is older.


SoD was released at this time to prove to the WOTLK era crowd that era servers were not sustainable.

First sign of something new killed off WOTLK classic. We can put the idea of Wrath Era Servers to bed officially. It just isn’t that fun once the rose colored glasses come off.

The bigger issue is they announced Cata but then want to wait 8 months for Cata.

The buff needs to be weekly not bi-weekly.
P5 needs to be out by February.
Cata pre-patch needs to be out by March.

Cata phases need to be 50% more loot drops.
Each phase restricted to 12 weeks.

Pre-announce the times and release schedule of Cata, MoP, and WoD.


I quit WoTLK months ago. Most my guild did as well.


For me I think it is all the daily’s. Cata had to have had more daily’s than any other expac. Didn’t enjoy them that much back in the day and can’t imagine doing them again now.

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TBC is still the best imo


And you guys want wrath era servers? Lul


Cancel Cata and go right to MoP.

And no one wants WoD. MoP era!


it would be so easy to have 4 servers, 2 for TBC, 2 for Wrath (RP and pvp), I would rather cancel sub than play cata, or be forced to play private servers again…ciao!

Your World of Warcraft® account and characters have not been deleted. In the event that you return to the game, you can resume playing right where you left off.

Your subscription will remain valid until Jan 12, 2024 4:51 PM. If you want to return to the game, you can begin a new subscription, add game time to your account, or purchase a WoW Token using in-game currency.



Dude, if they had MoP Era, I would actually have a hard time selecting between Vanilla and MoP because MoP had such good arena balance. Literally any comp was glad viable in Season 13 and 14, season 15 was ok too, just a few changes that kinda killed the balance a bit for S15.

MoP raids were also darn Good, I don’t really like pandas but mop was really amazing, but I’d play TBC again too.


That’s not what bluepost said.
The reason why Aggrend said “Wrath/Cata” is because there is no Cata release date yet.

So API changes could arrive when its either Wrath or Cata.