Im tired of blizz saying theres nothing they can do about Bots

I just entered a EOTS and surprise surprise my entire team was bots. Nothing new and extremely infuriating, what made it worse this time was I received the Inactive debuff moments after joining, BEFORE the game even started, in fact there was still 2 minutes before the game was to begin. So, with nothing I could do to break the debuff I was removed and got the deserter debuff. Go ****ing figure

With the amount of bots in EVERY. SINGLE. BATTLEGROUND. What is stopping a GM from just viewing a random game and banning the bots? In ONE HOUR time you could consistently ban hundreds of bots while making PvP playable again for horde. I cant think of a single reason why not a single ****ing resource is diverted to deal with this major aspect of the game being broken and unplayable. No acknowledgement, no comment at all from Blizzard



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You have been posting this for a while now. You can just leave without announcing it (which appears to be always changing and not true) to us on the forums, especially considering the ones that care about your sub don’t read these posts.


How did you lose 2 days?


They’re plenty they can do about botting. They just don’t. A minimum wage employee spying in BGs could clear damn near all of them out in 1 day. Sure, they’ll keep coming back, but active policing means they’d be kept to a minimum. What’s insulting is that sometimes Blizzard sends me a letter saying “thanks for the report, we’ve done something to an account.” Meanwhile bots are still all over the place.

Btw I recently asked a blue user DIRECTLY about the bot epidemic. They deleted the post. So not only are they ignoring the problem, but actively shoving away people asking about it as well.

Nothing wrong with buying (or selling) gold. The cheating and botting is the actual problem. As for “ban waves,” that’s nothing more than a tired old myth.


Because it’s made up…they have done this before with various other dates.

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no one cares, every video game since 1999 has had bots, there is no perms solution, so cringe from non tech savvy people.

It’s forever a cat and mouse game, same with cybersecurity and combating hacking, it never ends…can’t grasp that concept?

You cringe people on the forums that threaten “I will unsub” are like less than 1% of the paying population, like 10 same people that cry and threaten “unsub” lol cool bro, hope you find a new game…no one cares, w/e game you go to will have same amount of bots …

lol, take a brief look at this trolls post history.
As toxic as they come.


What is stopping a GM from just viewing a random game and banning the bots? In ONE HOUR time you could consistently ban hundreds of bots while making PvP playable again for horde.

You think botters just give up when an account is banned? For every one they ban, three more will pop up. It’s a never ending cycle. As someone else said, you can’t win. Unless you have a foolproof solution OP, you have to deal with it.

Ban GDKPs. If players don’t have such a reason to buy gold…they don’t buy as much gold.

Perma ban anyone caught buying gold. Strike one and you’re out. If people think there are real consequences, they might stop buying gold. These slaps on the wrist accomplish nothing.

Blizz will do neither of these things.


because they don’t have in game GMs and customer service like the original Wrath
they fired over 800 employees to make $$ for their shareholders and owners (cough Bobby K)
corporate greed cares only about profits, if it cuts customer service to make profits it will do so, sad as it is .


Perma bans go a long way. Not sure why Blizzard hasn’t adopted a perma ban policy for anyone buying gold, botting, or using cheats. And ban waves? WTF is that?

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uh, they have and they do.

Lots of GDKP participants being hit with Abuse of Economy account actions even if they themselves did not buy the gold.

So there are things being done, it’s just an uphill battle against an opponent that does not rest. Report bots when you see them as often as you can and things do happen.

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But they fixed Botting … Adding the wow token!


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can’t wait for people to cry here how their perma ban was not fair :popcorn:

There’s a feast of bots on borean tundra on the fire ele spot I reported a few after having to literally fight bots for a tag because I wanted to farm crystalized fire than buying it it was ridiculous the moment you tagged the mob they run away like nothing…

Didn’t you listen to Blizzard President Mike Ybarra? The only thing that stops bots is the Token, which they added.

So there’s no more bots, right? Definitely isn’t even more bots than ever before. You all must be imagining things.

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the only thing i’ve heard them say about bots is that they had people working overtime on the weekend to handle the SoD(the second week it existed) issue so i could be wrong but i’d like some kind of link to a dev comment saying they can’t do anything about bots.

i mean, tokens helped stem the issue because the reason bots exist is because people will buy gold if they have the option and tokens do direct them to “legit” ways to spend way more money for less gold… but it does help reduce the issue but i highly doubt it stops it. that said, bots were down to extreme numbers compared to when servers didn’t have tokens so blizzard does have a point even if they aren’t 100% on point considering how wotlk is going…

It doesn’t diminish RMT; it increases it.

Now players can buy gold from a 3rd party site, spend a little of it to purchase a token from the ah to pay for their sub. They’re saving money.

i’m not sure what people do in the game not to be able to afford a token a week. i’m still baffled on that. i guess it must be the pay gold for gear in a raid thing. guess all these issues stem from the players themselves. any bets this is more popular in american servers compared to EU/etc? same reason tokens aren’t worth much in NA servers…