Same Bots over two weeks in BGs

attached is a video of Chubby and Five. These two have been in almost every single BG I have done in the last 2+ weeks. They started with me around level 11 and are now past lvl 70. They do nothing each game, literally nothing. Besides jump and cast at the same time

I want to see how the forum trolls will defend this one.

Between me and hundreds of other players, its impossible that the blizzard automated system has not banned them yet.

As I type this out, I joined another BG and boom both of these bots are in my group again. Here comes another losing match…


The saddest part of this is you’ll get a short ban from the forums for posting this. And the bots will continue to be ignored.


Possibly, because the sympathizers will gladly report it :frowning: I dont care though. This needs to be reported. The videos proof i send to mean nothing I been sending them video proof of these two bots in particular for weeks now and they continue to do this and get away with it.

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You need to understand and accept that Blizzard Does. Not. Care. $15 is $15. If someone is afk in bg, so what? They’re’ still paying. Bots are farming gold? So what, they’re still paying.

That is Blizz’s mentality. It’s not going to change. They’re not going to hire and pay GMs to police a game they don’t care about. And people like you are meaningless to them. You’re still here, paying and playing despite this going on for months and now years in Classic.

Its a shame though that I cuss a few times in game and get banned damn near instantly but these bots get reported by hundreds of different people for weeks on end and continue to play. It’s like rules for me but not thee.

Well, life isn’t fair. And Blizz is a joke. They’re more upset from you /spitting on someone than they are for people flyhacking, botting, running scripts in bgs, selling and buying gold, etc, etc. Things that actually harm the game and the playerbase are irrelevant. But an emote might deter someone from buying a Deluxe Edition, so that’s gotta go! Their priorities are obvious.

If you want a version of WoW where this type of behavior is actually dealt with, then play a private server.


Yeah sadly all the good WOTLK pservers are gone. There used to be some really good ones back in the day. Some had more players than couple of blizzard realms combined.

Let me allow an ex-WoW dev give you some advice:

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Regarding the part about “stoking nostalgia”, even that has been compromised thanx to #somechanges.

With the primary example being RDF.


if RDF was out i wouldn’t mind carrying these degenerate bots through dungeons because that I can guarantee but doing BGs during BG weekend on horde side is like 5 alive teammates, 5 teammates that have given up on life and 5 AFK bots. Then the Alliance side has like 5 twinks, 5 pre-twinks and 5 levelers maybe 1-2 bots at most. We getting steamrolled out here yo.

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It’s not just the bots.

There’s a whole slew of new generational horde that are complete novices when it comes to PvP. I’m one of the last, along with my brother and friend, few remaining, old school, true vanilla PvPing horde; and we’re a dying breed.

The reason they come to BGs is, simply, because of X-realm automation. Random BGs are available to the casuals 24/7, and so that’s what they queue up for. The problem with that is PvP is war, and it requires hard fighting, and the mentality of a fighter, that alot of these casuals simply don’t possess.

RDF acted as a filter for these casuals that just want something mindless to queue into like a simple dungeon; which improved the quality of the BG as you had a better chance of getting seasoned fighters on your team since the casuals would rather be queuing up for dungeons. and just dipping their toes in BGs from time to time when they need a little honor.

And this is true for all brackets. Someone in the lower brackets that has no heirlooms but is queuing up for BGs for fun, experience, honor, or what-not, is likely to get chewed out by the other twinks, and may even be treated as a bot and get reported out of the BG out of spite.

And again, they queue up for PvP because that’s all X-realm automation is offering; PvP.
And as a 17-year WoW PvPing vet myself…

Even I get sick of PvP. So, one can only imagine how the casuals feel in that the only X-realm automation currently offered is for PvP only.

I’m impressed this thread is still here. I see Blizz monitors the forums with the same tenacity they do the game.


Only way things ever change is if people stop playing the game because of it. As of right now people pay, play, and complain. This is perfectly ok for Blizzard. if people stopped paying, stopped playing, and dropped the last complaint at the door at a high enough rate the bot problem disappears very fast.

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100% unacceptable.

Your subscription for World of Warcraft® Subscription - 1 Month has been canceled. You’ll no longer be charged, though you can still play until your current subscription expires on March 17 2024 12:01 AM (PST). Manage your account at any time on renewing your subscription!

Blizzard Entertainment


Remember, it’s not even bots. Just guys tabbed out watching Netflix that only pay attention when called out and talk smack.

This is why report for inactivity NEEDS to work again.

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