Evoker Tank - Fortification

I’ve wanted to play a Dragonsworn Tank for many years now, and Dragonflight was the perfect time to implement that.

Evoker is the closest thing we will likely ever get to a Dragon themed class and therefore the closest to being a Dragonsworn.

Dragons make perfect tanks, their scales are incredibly durable and the Black Dragonflights affinity to the Earth make their linkage to tanking even more reinforced.

It was implied that Evoker may get a 3rd spec in the future, and I propose that be a tank that utilizes the Evokers Black dragon and Red dragon blood/heritage to achieve that.



But its not happening in DF. Check back in 2 years when 11.0 alpha is up.


Nope. This is the new meta. 2 spec classes.

DHs set that precedent. It was obvious this would be their new norm.


What about the soft underbelly and the fact they are humanoids who expose their belly to their enemies?


Just gonna make a post to disagree with making more tanks.
-We only got 2 raids spots,
-more tanks like dhs haven’t improved the quantity of tanks in pugs (Blizzard told us so)
-Aren’t allowed to pvp much
-only add to maintenance of playing tank as you’re expected to switch since that might have the biggest impact.


Don’t really care much for raiding. I do want more tank specsc in mythic plus though. Especially a shaman tank spec!


Really think the Dracthyr should have had a tank spec. Even better if Blizzard went all hard and managed to make it ranged…


Why Can’t the Evoker just, you know. Be the only new class that isn’t a tank?

Instead I would ask for Dracthyr warriors and whatnot instead


That isn’t what I’m asking for though.

I’m asking for a mail wearing, dragon themed class, with a tank spec. That just requires giving evoker a tank spec which is entirely logical with the concept of what they are.


And I would like for Blizzard to not force every single class they have released since launch to be a tank. Evoker finally fills this niche since the game has literally been launched.

I’m tired of it happening every time and want them to be able to make ‘not tank classes’ too and feel that your request isn’t right or nice


You wouldn’t be forced into playing the tank spec.


Hear me out. What if a walking, talking monitor lizard isn’t the beefy dragon you imagined?


Irrevalent. It means that my ranged healing and dps spec now has bleedthrough with a melee class and potentially suffers for it. I would rather not stick more restrictions on the overall design for balance sake and to make another tank


Neither has more healers though and we are getting another one of those.

We also haven’t gotten a new healer every new class release (see DH’s and DK’s) so this one being a ranged / healer is just fine


We got monk after Death Knight and before Demon Hunter that had Healer.

And each one has had DPS, so should the next class have zero DPS spec?

There’s really no issue giving Evoker a tank spec for the players that want to live out that fantasy.

And regarding mixing melee and ranged in a single class, multiple classes have that. Shaman have a ranged spec and a melee spec. Hunter have a ranged spec and melee spec.


If it had all three specs it would fill every niche.

You’re of course welcome to your opinion but I think its odd to call it “not nice”. Its just a request. Not everyone wants what you want just like you don’t want this, others do.

There is no nice or not here.


I’m not saying it is an issue.

I’m saying by his logic adding a healer would not make a difference. It would. Even if only for the novelty for early 10.0.

Honestly, I think a better way to go about this is just let Dracthyr be multiple classes. Not every new class needs a tank spec. Their base talent tree is already pretty full with just the healing and the dps stuffs. Adding multiple tank skills in there would either bloat it, or get rid of things that would benefit the specialised roles that Blizz gave em.

Apparently I am in the minority, but I am excited to have a new class that is just a caster/healer. :slight_smile:


Filling every niche isn’t always a good thing for design purposes either. Not being a tank means that they can promote and better tune general game play as ranged.

Calling the request ‘not nice’ is because it is literally asking Blizzard to redo the bulk of the shared abilities/talents and balance them for being tanks as well. I would rather them release a more focused class that doesn’t fill every niche instead and it not being a tank is fine.

Monk was the class that could perform tank, dps, and healer roles. Overall it has immensely suffered for it and I would rather not have Blizzard make yet another class with that inherent problem. Evoker being dps and healer is fine and asking for them to tank too means that the general focus on Evokers has to be redone entirely and I would rather not see that.

Ehh, Blizz seems to want to try and appeal to each class having the ability to flex two roles. Probably for easing group formation. The new class not being a tank is fine and really wont effect the game in the long run role wise unless healing is stupid busted or something