Dracthyr evokers might get a future tank spec

What third DH spec would they make? Majority of DHs i feel like enjoy the in your face fighting mentality with lot of mobility. DH healers dont make sense since Fel is more damage than healing.

Ranged suppose with glaives and spells revolving around throwing them or some form or ranged fel spell but how many DHs seriously want to play ranged honestly?

What third spec did the og Devs make for every DPS class? Smart devs make cool stuff. A third spec could easily be created for DH.

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100% agree, them not making a 3rd spec then and us not making enough noise about it is what lead to them thinking its ok to release new classes with only 2 specs as the new norm. Like c’mon why not wow us and give this hero class 4 specs. I dont mind for the first few months of dragonflight if every one is playing an evoker and having fun with it. It will eventually die down, class tuning will eventually take place, people will eventually reroll

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Honestly Dk could have gotten only 2 specs and none would have complained.

Hero classes are special… If the precedent exists for one it can exist for others

Remember when DKs first came out they had 3 different tank roles and 3 different dps ones. you could literally dps or tank as any of the 3 builds. Staying on topic, for every argument against evoker tank there are more that are for.

So? Same as warrior could tank in all 3 specs.

Stances are not a thing anymore after all


Warrior could never competitively tank as arms or fury, but they still had 3 unique specs that played out differently and had different niches. You can stance dance and utilize your full kit including other specs talents and hybrid builds. SOOOOOO, how is that an argument against giving evoker a 3rd spec and that third spec being a tank? Remember talent trees now are much different than talent trees then.

Evoker is a Caster through and through just like mage and warlock and priest. (True caster excluding those with mixed styles)

So what? sounds like a good opportunity to add a caster/intellect based tank which currently doesn’t exist in the game outside of 2 specific encounters. Dragons are dragons through and through. When i think dragon I dont think of ranged too scared to get close to an enemy, I think blasting you from ranged while i fly towards you biting, clawing and tail smashing your face in

So what caster isn’t a tank and they fight from a distance not close range.

what’s your actual argument other than you don’t want evokers to be tanks as a 3rd spec? if YOU dont want to tank as a dragon then play devastation or preservation…>.>

Monk fantasy is a mele combatant yet they can cast and heal. Then you got druids and shamans. Paladins are technically casters that wield and CAST light magic

Dracthyr evoker are not full dragons tho.
They are made from dragons and the essence of mortal races. Means what they have in intellect and spellcasting they might lack in body strength and sturdiness

if blizzard would have been consequent, monk would have been a melee class through and through. Tank heal and DD in melee
Not that 40/60 thing MW currently is…

still more durable than a panda or a gnome which can tank, what’s your point? Please provide something valid, not just confirmation bias because YOU don’t want it

Dracthyr should be able to tank, no questions asked.

But evoker are a finished story.

A dracthyr monk can tank and you can flavor it as you want…

In PvP casters ARE tanks. Ask any healer.

except dracthyr can only be evoker and this entire discussion is about giving evoker a 3rd spec. Being able to play other classes would be a secondary remedy but not address the point that a evoker only has 2 specs and the fact that playing an evoker as is does make me and other players wish we could tank with it because it feels right and would make a bad a$$ caster themed tank. Imagine a war dracthyr tank without fire breath or a pally dracthyr tank that cant hover around and is grounded to charging in on a pony, its not the same. Personally im ok with dracthyr being only evokers and evokers being only dracthyr so long as they get a tank role as well; which is something that would be unique and completely new to the game, the argument that they are casters which is why they shouldn’t tank is ridiculous when the point is having a caster based tank as a new way of tanking. Also to reiterate caster does not necessarily mean you have to be ranged although for this fantasy tanking at ranged would be a niche.

I always kinda thought a ranged DH spec could be a good time to add dual wielded 1h pistols and crossbows to the game. After all, we know pistols, at least, canonically exist in the WoW universe. I’m not saying make them the Diablo demon hunters but fel-infused projectiles that have various effects sounds fun to me. But then I did like the Spellslinger in WildStar. Basically wild west gunslingers but with magic. I mean, imagine this kind of stuff but more demony (except for the healing)

And yeah, if dual wielding 1h pistols and crossbows got added hunters should get them too.

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God I hope so, I’d love an earth+black magic tank spec for dracthyr. It wouldn’t be the earth warden shaman tank we’ve been beggin for, but I’ll take it


the fact that it could be the first true spell tank being mail users and having dragon scales alone makes it hands down the most unique tank class if it were to come out which it needs to not that id main it but if they gonna have leather wearing monks throw beer kegs around as tank and leather wearing winged frogger demons as tanks no reason dracthyr shouldnt have one dracthyr of any spec uses black, red, green, blue and bronze flight spells, no reason they cant have a more black/red focused spec which in their on lore theyve established for over 20 years the black and red flight have been protecters or given tanks proper buffs in past raids, its literally there in their own games lore, i mean neltharion had massive chunks of armor nailed into his body in cata…
its a pretty big missed opportunity that doesnt need overlook cause if it is i could forsee blizz already going back to their old ways when they just made the game fresh again this expac, no room to be saying “oh people only want another multispec class that has tank” lmao

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