The lack of a tank spec for evoker is really showing why this game is cutting corners

They have helped. I have a tank alt (DK) that I play quit a bit. (only tanking M+ and if he wasn’t there, I would not play, so just proved your “facts” wrong.

Did they solve the problem, No. BUT THEY HELPED. Problems are not so quickly solved or yes or no answers when there are so many variables at stake.


You’re trolling posts about making the game better. You bring it on yourself.

How in the world does you having a tank alt prove anything?

Did it? Clearly not.

The only one trolling here is you.

Making stuff up, I’m done with you. You’re just a pointless troll. With no facts or anything to back you up.

I would say the lack of a melee version in general is the issue.

Ah yes, the typical response when you know you are wrong. Glad you admit it.


Keep posting though, it won’t change the fact that your a douche troll, just trolling people’s topics about adding something to a game, not taking away from it, but adding.

Man you’re bad, and disgusting.

This game already have ENOUGH tanks why add another one and I hope to GOD that evoker REMAINS EXCLUSIVELY AS A CASTER.

As someone who mains tanks I low-key appreciate them being so rare.

Instant queues all day!

I think it is fine. WoW has not had a new caster, well ever? One the new toon smell wears off, the population will thin out. And people that don’t like it will go back to mains.

Would have I liked to have a tank spec, yes. Is it Blizz cutting corners, no.

Ahh so you have found someone else to move on to and troll I see.

Look, just saying.13 melee specs(3 rogue, 2 warrior, 2dk, ret pally, havoc dh, enhance sham, surv hunter, feral druid, windwalker monk), 6 healers pre evoker (resto sham/druid), holy pally/priest, disc, mistweaver), 6 tanks (al plate classes have at least one, guardian druid, brewmaster monk, vengence dh.). Range dps has two (formerly 3) whole classes designed around it, creating again, 13 pre evoker range classes (all mages, all warlocks, marks/beast hunters, shadow priest,balance druids, ele shamans). Literally they had PEAK balance before evoker. We could literally afford another tank spec. And warthion’s a punk he shouldnt be the example of peak black dragon. Look no further than his own father which took multiple dragon attcks, hundreds of us wailing on him, and at least 2 shots from the dragon soul to be finally put down. Literally cost the other aspects their power in order to be stopped. Tank. If the dragonflights are getting their aspect powers again, i surmise when one of the brothers gets crowned new earth warden, i pray we get a surprise by then. Because funny enough before dh was release, melee roles (tank and dps) were out numbered. And guess what? Its now 14 ranged, 7 healer, 6 tanks, 13 melee. Honestly shocked they give us a 5 spec dragon race (red for melee dps, black for tank, bronze more of a support/steroid healer, green for aoe or more dedicated heals, blue for ranged dps. They managed to split druids into 4 specs . 12 classes but 9 have 3 specs, 1 has 4 specs, and 2 only have 2 specs and they are the most recent ones. Given everything above again, feels like lazy design.

I like most things they change per expac but lets be real Blizzard has never known the word “balance” outside of the spec.Prime example is that specs on top of charts half the time. We didnt need a new healer, like we didnt need a new tank, nor did we really need more dps classes. Ff14 have less classes by a mile just but the combine dps tallies (20 classes in total for ff14, currently 27 dps specs in wow) like if you’re gonna bloat the game more just go for it. Honestly i keep hoping for the day they elect a job system like ff14 so i can switch class whenever. Would 110% reduce character bloat.

I find 2 specs vs 3 specs regardless of what the spec is to be lazy.

Lmao we can add that to the list.

Maybe read before you talk

Soo give a unique race and class that both dont have the ability to tank…

I don’t see it as a big issue.

I’d rather they achieve the design for the DPS/Healer spec they envisioned and do it well than force themselves to design a Tank spec purely because they feel they need to be consistent.

Druid has 4 specs because it fits their vision for the Class/Specs. Envoker has 2 specs for the same reason. This is a way better decision than combining Feral and Guardian back to one spec or forcing out a Tank spec for Envoker they never wanted just to be consistent.

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Black dragonlfight as tank abilities would have been so cool for th drackthyr.


So Evokers and Demon Hunters together are basically like a druid. They developed Evokers a long time ago, probably realizing that they weren’t gonna have a heal spec for DH. So Evoker is the heal / ranged spec for DH and DH is the tank / melee spec for Evoker. They are really similar and I believe were developed as two classes instead of just one class with three specs.

Major difference there is that DH isn’t tied to one race with no other classes available.

True, but DH is only one class and only two races and that’s because the races were setup in the storyline. But yeah…