The lack of a tank spec for evoker is really showing why this game is cutting corners

Settling for less isn’t what I would call “shaking things up”.

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Not every new class has to have a tank. It’s okay that Evokers don’t have one. Acting like it’s some major issue with the game is silly.


complaining just to complain. there are always a few who will never be satisfied. chronic complainers

I’m far more concerned about how many 18-year-old specs are undeveloped/unfinished.

Giving Drcathyr a tank spec would have been lazy.

  • Destruction was the first ranged spec since 2004.
  • Restoration was the first healing spec on a hero class.

This was well over due. You have 6 options to tank. Pick one.

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they are really just reskinned DHs

You realize there has been nothing but melee added to the game for 18 years and the second people who despise melee get a new toy you gotta throw a tantrum like an 8 year old cause you didn’t get a 4th melee. Get over yourself. Been waiting nearly twenty years for more casting options.

Stop speaking for “everyone else” I do not want more melee or tank options.

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I don’t know if it shows they are cutting corners. I just think they never intended on giving the class a tank. And that likely has more to do with balance among classes than any lore. But I’m not against them making a tank spec or allowing Dracthyr to be more than one class. Especially Warrior, since they are canonically Warriors.

I do not. I’m glad they finally added another caster spec/class.

So your statement has been debunked.

Considering the players have been asking for many other classes to get tanking specs (With Shaman probably being the number one option), I think it would have been a HUGE disservice if they had made an entirely new class with a tanking spec before exploring an older class’s ability to tank.

Shaman are the perfect candidate to be tanks if another one is ever considered.

Totally agree tanking and healing is less rewording, and harder to get in to, uow many times dose a raid lead kick a tank for not know a fight compared to a dps, tanking well not hadd is harder thank dpsing, healing well easier still requires paying attention to something othere that your abilities bar

We need a Dragonknight Spec (like Dota 2)

It’s almost like I said the last 2 classes or something. I’ll help you with your math a little bit. Evoker is 1, DH is 2, Monk is 3. See how Monk isn’t among the last two classes there?

Blizzard wasn’t lazy a decade ago when MoP was around. They’re lazy now. Any new classes they release are going to be half-baked and incomplete. That was my point. I don’t get why you’re talking about monks at me right now. I know they were designed well, especially on release. I wasn’t saying otherwise.

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Your quote was “The last 2 classes only had 2 specs. Now with this one they didn’t even bother to model gear appearances onto it.” The now on a second sentence can imply it is referring to a separate class than the first two, to which I was responding. My apologies if that was not your intention, but your wording was vague.

No worries, sorry for the snarky response. I don’t think I was being very vague, though. I was talking about evokers being lazily designed and then in the next breath talked about how the last 2 classes were lazily thrown together. I thought it was pretty clear I just meant DH and Evoker. Monk has 3 specs, as you said. I don’t think anyone really thinks otherwise or anything.

What about a geomancer spec?

There isn’t really a spec that does mostly earth attacks. Ela shaman is closest and still mostly lava and lightning.

Why do we need to take from a class that is already struggling to keep their melee spec relevant? Enhance hasn’t been relevant in a while spend that development doing those things with enhancement.

A tank spec could be cool if it was a caster tank. That would be unique and maybe the class would use elemental projections that tie directly to the evoker health. That way it could tank and still be ranged.

Enha isn’t anything like a geomancer. And ele has 2 geo spells