Evokers should get a third spec and that third spec should be tank

In the end… an Evoker tank would in my head need a Transformation to be seperate from the range aspect of the class. Just like Druid does it.

Like they transform into a young drake (For the sake of model and space) and get melee abilities to tank. There they can still channel the breaths but lose the Hover.


yes yes the rest of the quote for your selective bias.

Would you look at that! and since we are for sure 100% getting evokers with a healing spec, we (my self, tanks, and other players) are asking for a tank spec to be added to the new class. You’re starting to catch on :slight_smile:

Almost as if ive been saying something very similar. with the exception that I do not believe it needs a full make over to work.

you have yet to mention anything about a transformation tho …
also you stated times again to keep the hover for mobility and to have the breath from above

And I’m saying on a new class after Evoker…

100% idea stemmed from you and i think its great! I actually made a very similar point with Senpu in another thread you were in where we discussed their tank form being a drakonid or something like that. The evoker tank spec doesn’t have to be what my arguments for it are. Other people also have valid points i have not thought of. Its up to blizzard to make it and I will be more than happy just for that regardless of how it plays.

No. because not all new classes introduced need to have a tank option. We’ve got 6 different tank specs available in game. That’s quite enough.


Personally I’d be a bit worried about the precedent set if Evoker had to have a tank spec, after we had two hero classes that didn’t have a healer spec.

Would we then expect the next class to have all three roles?

Now using that same logic can you tell me how many ranged, healer, and even mele dps specs are in the game? (including evokers since we are confirmed getting them)

I mean I get why people want the spec added I just don’t see it as viable unless they already had it made for later or something. But yeah there has to be room for classes that don’t fit all roles being added.

That being said I’m more worried about setting the precedent being set by adding races that don’t have access to all roles with no concrete timeline for adding them.

Well DK and DH had pre-established setups, so it makes sense why they don’t heal.

DH could have been DPS only and made sense.

Blizz could have either done 4 spec evokers or 2 classes for Drakthyr that covered all 4 playstyles, and it would have made sense with all the aspects abilities.


… that’s the argument

DKs, Monks, Demon Hunters - which one of these is a caster, not healer, but even so, why the hate towards healers and casters?

Evokers are battle mages, that’s their role, they aren’t full blown dragons, yes you can make an argument for it but at that point you are also arguing for mage tanks, warlock tanks, shaman tanks, priest tanks, and a whole lot of other tanks

It works for other games that are built with these systems from the ground up, but WoW isn’t - if you want Evokers to be tanks, you are asking for a different development mentality and philosophy in its entirety essentially
Which at that point, you’d be happier to find another game that does that, which allows all any and all, or no roles at all to be viable, for every class

Evokers not being tanks is good, and it provides better balance overall rather than having to figure out how to make a 25 range tank work - this is similar to how it is a good thing that Demon Hunters only have 2 specs, in that it makes it easier to balance things out as you don’t have a third spec be the “dead” one

Any argument as to why Evokers should be tanks is in short, a better argument to make mages and warlocks into tanks, and removing the group trifecta that exists in WoW that folks actually like

Or to summarize it as bluntly and quickly as possible … no, because the game doesn’t need more tanks, but it does need more casters and healers, which evokers are

Especially since right now that 25 yard range healing isn’t look to great.

Why should that matter though?

That wouldn’t balance Tanks and Melee DPS getting more love over Healers and Ranged DPS.

That balance is never gonna be fixed if you do two more non-tank healers now tanks are behind on new classes, if ranged pick up another past that now melee are behind. Unless the goal is to even them out and then only release 4 spec classes that balance will always be off.

Why should that matter? Blizz used existing material for both previous hero classes. Monk is the only class that the ranged crowd should have beef with being left out of.

More importantly, by making Evoker the only class for Drakthyr, this is far more impactful because it locks the biggest new feature of the expansion out of half the playstyles.

Everything is behind on new classes is an argument you can make for anything.

Take the average ratio needed between 3v3s (skipping other team comps in favor of tanks here), Mythic +, and Raids then you’d see that the average ratio ends up being even more skewed than 1 to 5 in practice when you take into account most consumers here play Raid and do Dungeons. So lets just keep it at 1 to 5 to favor the Mythic + group which UTTERLY dominates this game now.

We only need 1 out of five specs in the game to exist as tanks. Ranged DPS and Melee DPS should each individually on average exist as 1.5 out of 5. Healers should also be like tanks with 1 out five specs in the game.

So how is it currently?

  • 6 Tanks

  • 5 Healers

  • 13 Melee DPS

  • 11 Ranged DPS

So we’re missing 1 healer, and 2 Ranged DPS.

Evoker balances this by giving us 2 out of the 3 missing specs for balance.

The vast majority of the playerbase requires 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 DPS ratio for the game.

There’s literally no reason for this to be balanced by percentages.

right but we aren’t getting likely to get a one spec only ranged class next so unless it is a 5 class spec with 2 ranged specs now which ever roles aren’t picked are behind now we have to make new classes for those.

And you need 1 out of five players to play tanks not 1 of 5 specs. You could have 30 tanks specs and not enough tanks. You could have 2 tank specs and all the tanks you need.

whos hating on casters?

Evokers are the combination of the dragon aspects’ powers. yes you can make arguments for other classes such as mages getting an arcane battle mage tank. IF you feel that strongly about it I encourage you to start a thread about it and ask blizzard for it - similar to how I am asking blizzard for an evoker tank.

that’s a lot of assumptions, I love wow and have only played wow since vanilla. Remember stated caster doesn’t mean being ranged, your aren’t breaking the wheel with that. Even then it doesn’t have to be a caster as mentioned above but it still should satisfy those who want a pure caster class.

But working around a 25 yd healer wont require balancing at all right? And again caster doesnt mean out in bfe tanking mobs. Also till this day I would still like DH to get a 3rd spec and thought blizzard should have never released them with only 2

first part is quite debatable. But as to your second part-
A) You still get healer and a caster
B) How can you say the game needs more casters and healers but not tanks? As it currently stands some one who wants to play a tank has the least amount of specs to chose from to perform that role. That means all the other specs actually have more
C) Evokers are the powers of all 5 dragon aspects which can and have been used defensively

How come you calculated these numbers based on specs but didnt count priest twice? Also as it currently stands we are getting 1 rdps and 1 healer spec 100%

Yes there is literally a reason…

Most players who play the game are distributed by 1/1/3.

Not 1/1/1. Each being a role.