Envoker Hot Take is Missing Something "Tanking"

The Class is based on the Black Dragonflight. Devastation specializes in Red or Blue magic. Preservation focuses on Bronze and Green. The Class tree has a lot of the Black Dragon spells.


You mean like BfA when all raid tanks were Brewmasters ?

A class can have both.

More importantly, a whole race being added that can’t melee or tank is the real problem. It’s not just about the Evoker class.


They have indicated that drakthyr will be able to be other classes in a future patch, but just not at launch. I suspect that the limit allowed them to save a lot of animation development time


The coldest hot take there ever was.

Just completely frigid.

That’s great motivation to wait for the future patch to buy DF. Maybe see the campaign in chromie time when they unlock Drakthyr in 12.0!

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Be real, yall want tank spec because you think itll lower queue times. You wouldn’t actually play it.


Not the drunken monk, that’s for sure. Have you seen the drunken fist fighting style? They do not get hit!


What do think going happen in this Xpack for 1s 2 weeks

yeah that what im saying make something new you get it

that would be nice

Dragon Class Should be Tanks Look at all dragon boss that can tank us in raids and dungeons they take on 40- 5 of us at a time Evoker Dragon Tanks make Prefectly Good good sense its not lore base or whatever im just say make a class fun and heroic seem to me a heroic class should be really doing all 3 healing tanking or range or melee dps. lets be honest it would neat tank as a dragon on all 4s and be like a raid boss or small player version of that in raids and dugeons

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If a transmog being the wrong armor type for your role will cause you to not buy the expansion, not sure what that says about you as a player.

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When did I say anything about transmog?

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No it doesn’t we already have enough tank specs and adding more tank specs doesn’t make more people tank either lie stop asking.

Like DK had a tank spec, Monk had a Tank spec and DH also had a tank spec you know what none of those 3 had? A ranged dps spec and a healer spec that doesn’t requires you to be in melee range to dps things that Evoker has.

This would be a dream come true but unfortunately at the current rate that ain’t happening till Dracthyr get more classes


So is “Envoker” going to be the new “Rouge”?


No it doesn’t. Evokers are fine. Stop trying to slam a tank spec into something which doesn’t require one. They are midrange caster combatants and it’s okay tanks didn’t get something this time.


Because theyre not full fledged dragons like the aspects are. Theyre lab creations of Neltharion.


Everyone talking about how much they “know” Dracthyr are dragons are really showing they haven’t played one yet and only watched a few streamers who did not read the quest texts in their starter zone…


Really Now…

Was that lab in goldshire on moonguard? because that what they look like too me… Neltharion was work very hard in the lab wink wink nod :kissing_heart:

The lore of Dracthyr includes the “Obsidian Warders”, a front-line style of Dracthyr tasked with holding the brunt of the enemy’s attention for their allies. That sounds exactly like a tank.


It’s also people who think adding a new class with a tank-spec will somehow magically fix the tank shortage they believe exists.

Just like DH, DK, and BrM, adding a tank spec changes nothing and most players who play the spec will not tank anyway with it, most will DPS and some will Heal.