Evoker Tank

I understand there’s too many melee DPS, but do we really have too many tanks? I used to tank on my paladin, now Evoker is my new favorite class and I’m not allowed to tank anymore. Ques are going to suck, just like when no one wanted to be healer when death knight’s first came out. Back then, it made no sense for a death knight to be a healer. Evoker can’t tank though? If we’re thinking gameplay, I don’t think we have too many tanks, more tanking options would be great, I personally would main an Evoker tank spec and I think a lot of other people would like it too. Now just based on class fantasy, think about it, a black and bronze Earthwarder! A tanking dragon using black dragon magic and tail swipes and whatever else. Would it really be so bad for the tank to have a few ranged abilities that were baseline for the class? My paladin has some range, so does my guardian druid. A dragon tank, that would be my main. Biggest opportunity missed of the expansion for real. I’m not saying to add a melee damage spec, this is a ranged class, I don’t want melee dps, just let me tank, keep the two existing specializations how they already are.

If you’re an Evoker and you love your current specs, great. I don’t want to change those. You’ll get faster que times by letting us Earthwarders tank!

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