Envoker Hot Take is Missing Something "Tanking"

You gotta get the D&D race out of your head. Drac’thyr are not that.

And we are getting a new healer. Not sure why you think we wouldn’t get Evoker healer if we also got Evoker tank. Monk had both.

your wrong and statment is completely invald “pallys druids monks” evoker be add to list tanks isnt bad thing tbh the hunter melee spec should been added back in legion and reason you’er wrong is we wait for both because tanking and healing are stressful jobs and take skill to play tbh a tank takes way more skill to play then a healer manage mana and watch 4 hp bars and you’re own tank move mobs grab aggro watch ect ect ect things do all these mechcanics tanks juggle more things then a single healer there 5 of you in a raid compair 2 of tanks normally wait on a tank in lfr why because of a taunt swap mechcanics or stacking dot so who fault is that really oh wait blizzard

Reading this makes me feel faint and out of breath.

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You said and I quote:

which is factual untrue.

And even if you meant specs. it is still untrue.

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I sort of get where you’re coming from. With so many people wanting to try the new race, we may see a shortage of tanks for a while. But, honestly, that’s okay. As for not having a dragon form, all I can say is that they aren’t dragons. They are Dracthyr, a race in their own right. Just like I am not a succubus (though I’d kill to be one).

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You say that, but the clan structure, being subdivided into werynns they hold loyalty towards, is very obviously inspired by Dragonborn. Their draconic heritage and breath weapons are similar as well, as well as not being actual dragons but “dragonkin”.

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what i just tell ya there solving short healer problems lol. we don’t need tanks or melee we need ranged and healers. idc either way with evokers ain’t playing the garbage but specifically stated they fix the healer problem this game has. the game done has to many tanks and melee unlike the forums try say we need tanks so bad i never wait on tanks hardly just healers. why is it so hard to accept they ain’t tanks lol. in my opinion we could of got so many better things than evoker i’m glad there so ugly then the game won’t be full of the dk dh problems this game brought for a whole expansion and if anyone thinks they ain’t gonna be op ya sure they ain’t.
and if ya really wanna bring up monks ya another bring more tanks and melee and no ranged lol. people just need to get over it they ain’t tanks or melee or whatever. ranged sure deserved something new at this point more than tank or melee also considering they made survival melee to.

That’s irrelevant. They’re not Dragonborn.

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It’s not Godzilla, it just looks like Godzilla. But let’s run away as if it were Godzilla (even if it isn’t).


Let’s be real here, the fantasy of playing a Dracthyr whatever, be they Deathknight or Warrior or what-have-you, will likely be intended to scratch that same itch as those who want to play a Dragonborn tank, even if they’re not literally exactly the same (but close enough).

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Point is Meta Classes are more helpful “Druids Monks Pallys” can Heal Tank Dps
Dual Specs “Warrior Dk Shammy Priest Demon Hunters” can DPS then Heal or Tank Offspecs
Evokes added to this 2nd list “range dps and healers”
Singles do 1 job “Mages Warlocks Rogues and Hunters” Just DPS

Seems like Evokes need be in the top list those 3 classes seem more helpful

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Evoker should definitely have a Tank spec added! I feel like it is such a missed opportunity for Blizzard not to do so. For every reason I read against evoker tanks there are at least 3 counter points that are valid for why it should be. Personally I feel like thematically a Dragon should be able to get up in your face and tank, this coupled with some of their animations really has me wanting to tank with one as a player who primarily plays dps. It would also give lust to the tank role which is currently not in the game and help that much more in group comps for M+. Finally a caster tank has been a much wanted fantasy in WoW since Gruul, Blizzard this is your chance to give us an amazing intellect tank. I can go on and on but naysayers step forth and I will debunk what you have to say against evoker tanks.

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awesome posted and can’t agreed more with you

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would you ever be a priest and tank

called a prot pally

what races can be envokers?

No. It’ll be everywhere and I plan on running tank. I have a feeling I’ll be struggling kicking people that want me in groups away. I’m looking forward to being the pretty girl in the comic store.

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I say sure – but I also say outlandish things.

Like, give Shamans a tanking spec that functions similar to a two-handed weapon using enhancement spec; with weapon enchant that does aggro generation buff and damage reduction (like our old Rockbiter enchant once did).


Like, give priests a Holy Magic DPS spec (or a stance toggle to let Holy spec do it).


Give Demon Hunters a third spec.

Paladins obviously, that’s why you didn’t list them :stuck_out_tongue: