Evoker Tank - Fortification

That’s not what I’m asking for though. Requesting that Dracthyr have access to more classes does not solve the desire I have of a Dragonsworn tank.

There is no existing class that fulfills that class fantasy other than Evoker.

Not as if they couldn’t design around this. We already have tank/dps/healer classes that are 3 specs. We even have a class with 4 specs. They are still going to be able to pull those off.

I guess it doesn’t matter either way. As I said before though, the writing was on the wall wiht DHs.

I don’t think they will even bother trying with 3 specs anymore apparently.

Real talk?

It seems pretty clear that the Black Dragonflight’s powers are MIA. I suspect Blizzard very intentionally singled them out, that we WILL see another spec added. If I was a betting man, I would bet serious money that the NEXT expansion will actually see EVERY class (except probably Druid) getting an additional spec.

I mean, that would be a pretty exciting feature, right? No matter who you are (again, except probably Druid), you would have something cool and shiny to look forward to. Warriors have wanted a 1hand-and-shield DPS build ever since WoD had Gladiator stance, and a Black Dragonflight-themed spec for Evokers would be a shoe-in (presumably as Tank, but who knows?).

It would be a bit harder to predict the other classes, but I would assume some kind of “Dark Ranger” inspired spec for Hunters, maybe a Paladin spec inspired by Diablo 3’s “Crusader” (2hand-and-shield, maybe temporarily summoning bombardments and phalanxes for attacks), I could maybe see a more “mid-range” Night Warrior-inspired spec for Demon Hunters, there’s really quite a lot of options.

Just my two cents, obviously.

An interesting thought. I doubt it but I wouldn’t altogether be upset about that.

I’d make the hunter one a melee tank that heavily relies on the pet being alive and focuses on dual wielding but I could see a Dark Ranger concept spec.

Pally I’d make an avenger thats effectively a ranged DPS spec.

Priest I’d give em a melee combat shadow user. That would be interesting as all hell… or a ranged holy dps spec for them too… or a shadow based healer…

I think I’d give DH a ranged dps or a ranged healing spec somehow.

Eh getting off topic.

Evoker having a tank spec would be amazing and I’d love it so much. To be fair though I just like tanking.

I want to be a tank utilizing the powers of the dragonflights which is exactly the class fantasy that the evoker embodies.

There is no possible class that exists that Dracthyr could be given that would allow me to fulfill that.

I don’t want to be a Dracthyr tank that wields the power of the Light, Death, Wild God’s/Nature, Fel, Spirit, and pure Strength.

More options are a good thing, and we all deserve the ability to play what we want. Just as customization is important so people can feel most connected to their character so too is class fantasy important to feeling connected.

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The design space for tank classes is exhausted. They’ve been robbing peter to pay paul, when it comes to tank design, since Monks came out.

No. More. Tanks.


It really isn’t exhausted, if you think that I would frankly consider that a lack of imagination

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Then you don’t have any knowledge of the history of tank design in WoW.


I would like a tank spec for all classes myself.


Absolutely, I want a Void based tank spec for my Warlock and an Arcane based tank spec for my Mage.

And of course, a dragonflight based tank spec for my Evoker.


This is the first Healer add in since MoP, and the first ranged dps add in since Classic, it doesn’t need to be a tank, as we’ve gotten 3 tanks added since classic, and the number of tanks playing isn’t honestly affected by the number of tank classes available, but more limited due to how toxic pugging is as a tank


You don’t need to add new specs with the only purpose of increasing the number of that role. People have certain fantasies they want to play as, and that is all the reason necessary. More options are good. You don’t have to play the tank if you don’t want to, but people that do want to will.


Okay, let’s also add a ranged spec to DH and half of Shadow Priests’ spells can be removed and given to that new spec.


I remember on some of the Class request threads we got before Evoker, people were saying they Didn’t want a tank.

Now we get the most boring option for a new class possible “Ermagherd dragons” and it can’t tank. Now everybody wants a tank.

Not sure how you made a leap like that.

… DH wouldn’t likely use much if any of Spriests kit.

Though yes, let’s give DH a range dps spec.

I wanted necromancer and I wanted it to have a tank, dps and healing spec.

Or Tinkerer with a tank, dps and healing spec.

Or Bard with a tank, dps and healing spec.



Also “new meta”, no new Tier sets, just give them sliders and no more [graphic] armor sets, FINALLY, world of Spreadsheets is a thing :slight_smile:

Agreed, Evoker was my last choice.

Personally though I disagree with Brewa. I think there’s plenty of room for new exciting tanks… just not Evoker.

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Why are you against it for Evoker.

They make logical sense to have one given their black dragon connection.


If it made logical sense they would have one.

Clearly they don’t.


Tank is my Favorite Role, I exclusively main tanks, and have been the main tank of my guild for years.
But Evoker is just… Lame. Personal opinion, but still.
The Evokers have Black Dragon themed abilities for their Defensive Cooldowns, They don’t need to be able to tank. They have Black Dragon representation already

OH! And more importantly, It means the Next Class they add will likely be able to Tank. And hopefuly its something more cool than “How to tame your dragon”