Clarification on Brutosaur availability on BMAH

Greetings to the old guard!

This isn’t truly a CS issue, but I was hoping someone would take pity on the many that are interpreting the recent patch note that the Bruto was being added to the crates in a way that implies that it is now only available from these crates. >.<

I’m sure this was an addition to it being in normal rotation, but this has tongues wagging.

Could a Blue (because they won’t believe the numerous recitations of the patch notes) state for sure that the Bruto is still in the normal rotation, in addition to a possibility of it showing up in a crate?

I know you’re strapped for time, so if you cannot, it’s all good. Just thought I’d reach out in the hopes to put the thread to bed. :slight_smile:

As always: T.I.A.


This would be considered a game hint and they couldnt give u a definitive answer but it was said it would be added to the BMAH but it wont be cheap.


Really? How odd. They stated it would be on the BMAH. It is the patch notes that is causing confusion.

I would call it a clarification of that note. Certainly not a game hint. Campers gonna camp that BMAH. :slight_smile:

Thank you anyway for your response. Time will tell.


I don’t have direct insights into this, but I can ask around. Given it is the weekend, I probably won’t hear anything back today though. If I do hear back it may not be something CS is given permission to comment on. We’ll see!


I’ll chime in to appreciate your efforts, Kalviery. There have been a few threads on this, some shut down but at least one trainwreck still on-going. If someone can clarify any sort of thing with regards to how some people are reading what supposedly some GMs are saying and going off the rails…just thank you in advance. No matter what you turn up.

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According to the July 14th Hotfix information, it is being added to the Unclaimed Blackmarket Container.

I don’t believe that is being contested here Ruffle.

The clarification being requested is regarding whether or not the Unclaimed Blackmarket Container is now the only way to acquire the mount, or if the mount itself will still appear as an item in the Blackmarket Auction House rotation.

Some have interpreted the Hotfix note to mean that the mount has been removed from normal rotation and is only in the container now.


Thank you so much, Kalviery. I appreciate it. Crossing fingers you’ll be able to resolve the question. :slight_smile:


last i heard on the longboi since the removal off the vendor is that it would be on the bmah starting at 5 mill gold, but this was before SL went live, whether that means it is shown on bmah as an actual listing like other items or if its from the unclaimed box i dont actually know of.

whats also weird is that when the longboi was removed from the vendor so was its matching battle pet, ben’fon. Im not sure how one can or if getting benfon is possible anymore, nor do i know if its even cageable to be sold on the normal Auction House.

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It has been a normal listing on the BMAH plenty of times during Shadowlands.

Of course, now we are awaiting confirmation on whether or not it will remain a normal listing IN ADDITION to also being included in the Unclaimed Black Market Container.

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Lil’ Ben’fon is still available for purchase from the vendor, Happy Holaua.

Same way you always made him available for purchase. You just have to do the quest ( Monstrous Matchmaker ) to unlock him at the vendor.

He is cageable.


ah thanks Kyz, this toon didnt play BFA as it was Shadowlands boost so i dont have a single bfa quest completed i dont think, il have to check on one of my other toons probably my 50 elf huntress that i mained in bfa an see if ic an get it off the vendor on that toon.

in any regard thanks for the infos.


You’re welcome.

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Just wanted to clarify this and the reason the tongues are wagging.

Someone on the GD said a website (not Wowhead) has been tracking Longboi and claim they haven’t seen him for months on any sever. Then the guy from GD also claimed he opened a ticket and the GM said it’s only found in the container now.

We would like to know, please, if this is the truth or we’re being had.

p.s. If this turns out to be true, this is a big “shame on you” moment for Blizzard. The first time we found out Longboi was going extinct was from Wowhead posting an article that said the AH NPC was missing then a player making a thread about it on the forums. Then we had a blue say “yeah it’s true.”

It would be really great if you didn’t do this to the players again.

(You = Blizz, not you personally, Kal)

Press 1 for doubt.

That would be considered a game hint, something GMs are specifically forbidden from sharing.


To jump on this: GMs ain’t known to just say ‘Yeah, this was given X% to drop’ or ‘This is where you get X’. More to the point, General forum isn’t known for saying the most useful/truthful things at times.

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To play Devil’s Advocate, the screenshot in question never showed a confirmation either way.

All it showed was the GM saying they could not find any additional information regarding changes to the availability of the Bruto on the BMAH (other than the recent hotfix in question). So basically, neither confirming nor denying whether it can be outside of the Container.

Of course, there is a disclaimer. We have no proof of the authenticity of the screenshot in question. It has seemed to have changed hands a few times.


While the OP of that thread is not the person that opened that ticket, the response in the screenshot does appear to be from our support team.

However, the Game Master in that screenshot essentially said ‘the only info available is what was stated in the hotfix notes’. This is generally because GMs do not provide game hints, and providing something other than what is stated in the hotfix blog would likely be considered a hint.

That response seems to have been taken as “it’s only available in the container” which is not how I would have interpreted the GM here.

Regardless, I don’t think we need to speculate further right now. I’m still waiting to hear back from the feelers I put out yesterday. I’ll update this thread once I have info to provide.


Trust me when I say that one of the other threads (that has since been 404’d), all of this had been explicitly pointed out. But it was also buried quickly into the debate of why it was created if they wanted to remove it, how it was removed (no matter who reported it first, it was still available for nearly a year from the time of the announcement), and all of the typical idiocy. Myself and a few others tried to point out that it said nowhere that it was removed. It was just a hot mess and I finally just had to leave it. Though I am watching here to see what comes of it.

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I received word back -

When the mount was removed from the vendor, it was added to rotation in the BMAH. The hotfix update on July 14th is intended only to add the mount to the container as well.

So now the mount could show up on its own or as loot dropped from the container.

At this time, it all appears to be working as intended :slight_smile: