Brutosaur % to appear in BMAH lowered/ Removed From BMAH Rotation

Many people in the BMAH community have pointed out how brutosaurs are not showing no more since they were added to the BMAH box .
i havent seeing one in months and i scan over 30 servers .
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Turns out after asking support a GM tells me Brutosaur can only be acquired from Unclaimed BMAH loot box , why was this done and we players were not notified of it ?
Why it seems that every change toward Brutosaur is a negative one blizzard doesnt want the players to get a brutosaur ? if so why not just remove it entirely then, forcing me to buy loot boxes for a chance of getting it might be the final straw in my wow adventures .

heres proof

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Pretty sad … not going to tell you what’s sad but it is pretty sad,.


make 100000 on their alot the time LOLHAHA then all pepole can get 700g

So. How much you pay TSM?

I was under the impression that they were going to show up maybe once a year.

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You are surprised?

What kind of time frame are we looking at? And is it confirmed to have not shown up at all?

There are so many items that can show up on the BMAH now, I thought it was pretty common that some items rarely show up, even spanning months between showing.

its being months since the last time that a brutosaur popped in the BMAH and it fits the FIX they did to add it to the bmah box, it used to pop atleast once every month , now it seems they decrease % of bruto to appear in the BMAH , pretty sneaky and sad move.

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It’s never shown up on my realm to my knowledge, and I don’t find it that surprising. The rare mounts are few and far between.

Yum, subjective evidence~

can u scan servers for dreadnaught gear i seem to have lost some of my pieces and need the rest so i dont look like a hobo

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Sounds ominous.

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I’ve checked the BMAH every day for months and I have yet to see 1.

So what? 90% of the time, there’s a Brutosaur contemplating life next to the mailbox in Oribos.


Blizz needs to implement a 10 yard radius around all mailboxes that prohibits mounts. So annoying. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out these guys parked at mailboxes are running bot code to play the AH. It generally takes 5 or 10 minutes after you dismount them before they even realize they’re not mounted which tells me they’re not even at the keyboard.


Well yeah, they get on their brutosaur, park it next to the mailbox and go AFK. They do it as a favor. If I had a brutosaur, whenever I’m not playing, I would park it next to the mailbox. A middle finger to Blizzard’s “No AH in expansion cities” decision. I mean having the AH in Warspear and Stormshield was one of the better decisions of WoD.


I get it, some folks like them. But there are also a lot of us who don’t enjoy the “try to find the mailbox under the three brutasaurs parked on top of it” game. I’m sure some do it to provide an AH to others, some to simply epeen, but there is also a group who bought them because they exploit the AH/Mailbox combo to bot the AH while they’re doing something else. And if it’s being done as a courtesy, then why are there often multiple brutasaurs at each mailbox? I personally think it was a mistake to add them to the game - but of course Blizzard made a ton of money off of them and probably continues to do so.


those are very common like super common

good…i want to see more variety on there…esp with the mounts