Guardian Druid Mage Tower Appearance "Cave Bear" Dilemma

If you don’t mind; confirmed by whom? Was it Blizzard or a WoWhead/Icyveins article?

It’s name is werebear, and no. Limited time rewards means just that, if they brought it back then they’d have to bring back the MoP challenge mode sets too and every other limited time reward.


Devourer guardian? Yes please.

It’s the “Banjo” bear, duh.

A very untruth!

Dunno where you heard this rumor but apparently you didn’t hear the followup because a blue confirmed it’s still on the BMAH rotation in addition to being in the boxes.

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When I get a Druid tank in my group with the werebear form I know I am in good hands. Kind of like passing the sniff test if we got a good tank.

I think so many pvp elite sets has a totally simillar mythic sets just in a different color variations… So you “can earn the elite sets” in the future just a color different… In this way the recolored version would be a possible solution…

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Alright you guys are starting to scare me with this. I don’t see this topic stop relenting. It would be completely unfair to individuals who put in the time while it was limited. It’s the whole point of limited time only. There is multiple items like this ingame already and they have never made the items available again. Black scarab mount for an example.

I honestly think it is better to make new challenges with interesting skins. I don’t know why that would be asking too much of them. I also have mentioned this before, for just something else interesting in Torghast.

Now if the forum is pushing this they could cave in if they really wanted. If they want to recycle old challenges… the items should not be the same colour at all. I honestly prefer new content and new interesting skins. Yet I don’t think they want to make any effort.


As somebody who has struggled with the Mage Tower and got the skins for my Druid (Guardian, Feral and Balance) I wouldn’t be bothered one bit if they were available for everyone it wouldn’t mean devaluing what those who have done it worked for maybe there could be a special title for those who got them when they were current it would just mean everyone gets a fair chance to work for them and achieve something in getting these skins it’s an inclusive way of going about things.

Maybe one day they will put them back in but we shall wait and see stay positive my fellow WoWers :smiley:

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first, OP, i understand your plight (i too want the bear-man form) but you gotta understand, people who got that form from the mage tower… they’re very protective of it, and as much as i’d love to get/have it myself, i would’nt wanna take-away their shiney reward for doing that content.

i ‘would’ however advocate for a discount, crappy, bootleg version of it that’s easy to get so folks stop asking for it. like if they made a new one that used the same model/animations and stuff, but was’nt as prestigious or good looking as the older one.

bad example: the quilen mount in the store, vs shu-zen the divine sentinel. both use the same animations, but the quilen is more prestigious (or. it was, before they made it an out-right store mount, but that’s beside the point… still glad they did so i could buy it, never knew to buy the collectors editions back in the day).

second bad example: the legion class hall armors, and the mop challenge mode armors. same look, but less prestigious/amazing.

anyway, not here to argue, just wanted to put my 2-cents in. later!

Which is why they should add titles to the looks and let the originals be distinguished by name/title.

Ancient, Original, whatever, but it will be something grandfathered in to let folks know that when a person earned it. Limited time still applies, everyone is happy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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“Limited-time” does not mean “never again”. If it did, then we’d be paying full price for anything and everything after a single “limited-time” offer/discount/etc.

Limited means just that - limited, not “never again”.

drop the cope folks…

it’s like expecting getting the mop cm sets again… during legion we got a garbage downgraded version of them that are straight up bad looking in my opinion that’s not a fix.

I was told my zulian tiger was going to be a time sensitive mount that would be unobtainable once the OG ZG went away. But its up in BMAH now…

Blizz also once said NEVER to legendary transmogs and here we are today able to tmog legendaries.

The way blizz is going with their game direction the past few expansions its only a matter of time before MT comes back to retain or get back subs. Every time they make a stupid decision I rejoice because it means 1 step closer to getting mage tower appearances back.

9.1.5 is a good indicator of the slippery slope they are on

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If you rejoice that Blizzard makes their game terrible because it means they might break the glass and bring back the mage tower, your line of thinking is incredibly flawed and I really hope you’re not serious. We should not be hoping for horrible things to happen so silly break the glass solutions will be made and you might get what you want as a result. That’s really backwards.

Love the name.

Life is short. We do not own these pixels.

I think mage tower should be brought back.

Chadbear is gorgeous and I feel so bad for new ppl or ppl who didn’t go for it back in the day.

Maybe not allow the original colors to be obtainable again but offer new colors.

maybe, just maybe this will keep the special snowflakes pacified

The silly decisions are going to be made anyway because of the philosophy of the people in charge. The trend has been ongoing for at least 3 expansions where the players have constantly told them why a system is bad in BETA and they decide to double down and go with it anyway and then “fix” it 3 patches later towards the end of the expansion and then include a whole bunch of shiny distractions to get people back.

I dont HOPE for the game to be BAD but i choose to look on the bright side that each time they make a horrible system with a new expansion it means they bring back something that players have been asking for at the end of that expansion.

They already brought some things like transmoggable legendariesthat players have been asking for so all I am saying is MT is only a matter of time following their trend over the past 5 years.

The Zulian tiger which you mention was not a trophy. Legendary transmogs having their mind changed is not the same as undermining the entire point behind time sensitive content. They’re false equivalencies. Just like it’s a false equivalency for people to bring up classic, and act like them changing their mind on something like Classic means they’ll go back on time sensitive content.

Your only comparable argument would be them bringing back another form of clearly time sensitive content that is a trophy. Elite mogs. Challenge mode rewards. Etc. If they brought one of those back, you would have an argument. Until they do, no one has an argument for the MT to come back.

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simply put, this is an issue because Druid form customization are not as plentiful as other weapon or gear xmog. the pool is simply too small to lock a massive percent of the total options behind an event challenge that was only available for 1 portion of an expansion.

i have them, others should have “some way” to get something similar.

but the real solution is increase the total number of “bear” and “Cat” options by like a factor of 10

there are tons of bear models already in game and other “beastly Tank/cat looking creatures” that could be used. get higher rez models of these in the game and call it gg.

the rigging already has all the animations attached to it. just reskin those rigs to the existing (and upscaled) models and this issue is rendered moot.

best of all, Druids get a metric ton more options.

and shoot. why only use “bear” or “cat” models. we got Turtles, and Foxes, wolves etc.

Shamans should get more “spirit wolf” options. they could borrow a page out of the Night Fae soul shapes. Druid Travel forms could do the same.

basically Give Druids more form options so that missing 1 or 2 isnt that big of an issue.

throw in some collection quests and stuff to unlock them and Druids end up with more content than just pvp dungeons and raids.