Brutosaur % to appear in BMAH lowered/ Removed From BMAH Rotation

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The bruto did help with inflation. I remember the WoW token being around 120k at the end of BFA. It was well over 250k at the end of Legion.

In MMO’s you need ways to delete gold from the economy or you get hyper inflation.

Just imagine what the inflation would be like if they had kept the Bruto in, as more players arrived at the 5 million mark and went out and bought theirs.

Last I looked, WoW tokens are at 175-180k. If they were 120k at the end of BfA, then the Callings did an excellent job of inflating the market again for it to rise 60k avg.

What saddens me is that people didnt complain nor refused the idea of removing the brutosaur before 9.0 i feel thats just a way of blizzard testing on how much they could get away with it . Now we suffer the consequences new players and returning players have no way of obtaining a mount that should of never be removed just because of how unique it was .
But maybe with all the stuff happening blizzard will take a step back and rethink the brutosaur removal after all they are trying to show us they can change .

Oh yes we did complain about it being removed before it happened…pages on pages of complaints…


Hello all, a blue provided clarification.

Edited. Nvmd. That’s how the link shows up now. >.< Thanks, Humanbeak :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much Mossclaw for taking the time to do that on support i didnt knew you could actually get an answer from them , that is no cryptic very nice.

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Hello, I encourage people to ask for support as needed. The issue with the Customer Support forum is that some players think they’re being helpful by stating Blizzard can’t help, but are providing false information (e.g. Mossclaw was met by several people in that thread claiming it’s a game hint and no blues would help). It’s unfortunate because it discourages legitimate postings for the scope of that forum, but at least this had a happy ending :slight_smile:

hey Humanbeak , i agree with ya , what is a game hint anyways , if we are actually asking a serious question .

Hello, I’m not entirely sure to be quite honest. It seems the term is used quite freely without any real explanation. If I had to guess, perhaps things like “go here to get this item” or something along those lines. In either case, we got a very clear blue answer from the awesome Blizzard team :smiley:

People were told, many many times as BfA was drawing to a close, that it was their last chance to be 100% able to get the mount for 5mil. After that, all bets were off.

The Luck of the Irish can strike from the BMAH boxes though. I spent about 40-50k or so on 2 boxes a few yrs ago, got the Zulian tiger from one, wooly white rhino (unlearned, its in my bank, still) from the other.

Personally, I am thankful to the people that have those mounts. It has saved me from portal hopping back to a major city more than once.

Here’s hoping you get yours OP.

If this is true, the answer is incredibly easy.

They want you to gamble all your gold away on these terrible little boxes so you will buy more gold with WoW tokens.

Really shady system. I knew that they removed the Brutosaurs in a scheme to get more money, but I would have never guessed they’d do it like this. I absolutely despise the unclaimed loot boxes since they are extremely expensive and have a high chance of having something you can’t even use and have to vendor for… literally nothing.

If it were a case of “you will get something useful and valuable no matter what, but it may not be the specific thing you are after”, that would be an entirely different story. Alas, Blizzard I think can’t be bothered. So, neither can I. :frowning:

Thank you however for bringing this up, I had no idea and I am glad to know about this… even if I hate what they are doing.

I want to add that they need to rework how the containers work.

If they made it so all items inside can either be traded, be equipped (and be an appearance you don’t have), or be used (a BoP pet/mount you are missing), then it would make these worth gambling on. In fact, it would actually encourage you to buy them since it would remove the risk of getting entirely useless items and that the more you bought, the better your odds would be of getting the ultimate prize–the Brutosaur mount.

These are glorified loot chests, except that they are dramatically worse and can give you literally nothing. I really, really dislike this, but I’ve already said that… so I’ll stop now.

Good news - it is not true. The mount is available as a normal listing, and in the boxes.

Best of luck to you.


Can you confirm this either way?

One way or another, I feel the same way about it I did when it was available for 5 million gold directly. It’s too big of an investment for what it does for me. If they were making it only in boxes, that would have been a detestable practice, which is a much bigger concern. I am glad at least that Blizzard is not doing that… again if this is true. At this point I have no idea what to believe! o.o

The crates only contain items that appear in the standard BMAH rotation. Blizzard added the Brutosaur to the crates in July.

blizzard should create the revived-renewed BMAH with lazers 2.0 to their store. problem solved.

Clarification on Brutosaur availability on BMAH - Support / Customer Support - World of Warcraft Forums (

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