Auction House Issues

I know for a fact that I’m missing gold from items sold but don’t have an accurate count on what was sold. I wish I had thought about screenshotting everything I had listed among my few characters.

I expect bugs from new patches but this is a BIG one. I’d like to know when they expect to resolve this and HOW they expect to resolve it. This isn’t just in game gold, it’s actual currency when you factor in game tokens.

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Same issue. I am not receiving mail from AH on sold items.

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If I had to guess, im probably at around 50-70k missing, cancelled most of my stuff yesterday as soon as I realized it was happening. Tried again today and am out another 10-20k. Updates please, blizz… this is pretty brutal

There’s another post about this on

Another thing that is somewhat messed up about the new auction items listed is that they are not red, if you cannot equip it anymore, this on top of the fact that the tooltips are not completely shown removes the heads-up warning that you are about to buy something you cannot use.
I cannot for the life of me figure out why this was done, but it is problematic in some situations.

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We’d like to clarify that nothing has been lost as a result of this issue. This is an issue with mail delivery, and we’re working to fix it. We currently expect that the fix is going to take a few days.

During that time, the mail you can’t see is not subject to 30 days expiry. It will only begin counting down from 30 days once we’ve fixed it so that you can see it and interact with it in your inbox.


Well, that’s a relief. I think I have a few hundred thousand gold just sorta… floating around in the ether.


so we are good to go? kuz i got about 5k auctions i wanna put back up…

I’d believe so. I imagine whatever backend process that takes the gold from the AH and puts it into our mailboxes (after a 1 hour delay) is sporadically messing up so we should be okay. It’s not an issue with the AH in and of itself.

Glad I’m not the only one!!

Thanks guys.

This problem looks like it is stopping me from doing a realm transfer. I have tried for over 12hrs now and it keeps coming up with the internal error that I have AH items pending, but I don’t have any auctions or anything in my mail box.

i dont even know how much gold i have lost in ah probably 50 to 100k just not sure all the potions is gone all the ore is gone all enchants gone im legit scared how am i gonna get my gold back

Still an issue. I guess the 3 hour maintenance today didn’t fix* the missing mail.

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well hopefully they fix this soon im losing gold each passing minute :slight_smile: hehe

Can confirm also not receiving gold on sold auctions. This toon.


Still missing mine as well.

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what if im banking on the gold im hoping to receive from these auctions to buy a wow token? my game time expires in 3 days and im trying to scratch together the gold for it.


This /10char

did they say when they will actually return the gold? my AH toon (Voodooman) hasn’t gotten any gold back for 17 Jan auctions.