Not receiving gold for sold auctions

apparently they removed the cancel option from my ticket, presumably because it had info they were using or something, but the GM was vague so idk for sure.

They need to shut the AH down and fix this asap, this is very gamebreaking and a known issue for 24 hours

Well, if it was info to help them solve this, then I’m all for it :wink:

I know I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in this thread, but I’m pretty sure the AH isn’t programmed with an on/off switch. If it was, I’m pretty sure they’d have shut it down by now.

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I have now lost around 30k worth of Auctions and I am watching right now to see if I get the gold, because one of my items for 10k, the gold will be coming to me in 7 minutes. Hopefully I get the gold for that at least.

Edit: I did not get the gold in the mail. I am now even more annoyed. Canceling all my auctions now.

Same here. I checked on a few discords asking around, and came across this thread… I lost around 250-300k in pets :expressionless: had about 5m worth on ah.

Edit: make that over 500k :expressionless: just looked at the pets I’m misses vs what ones I know came in. Are they going to do some kinda roll backs? This was on my Moon Guard auctioneer

Edit 2: So over the past week. My books are looking like I have 5.1m up, starting on Thursday before the update, but I’m at around 3.8m now in items, but I only made like 335k since then. So, I’m missing ALOT. How will this get fixed? like legit. I don’t see them rolling back a week of wow. :expressionless:

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My AH toon name is Lumineon, on the Thrall server horde side. I too have lost auctions and gold over the week

They did actually shut down the auction house a day before the 8.3 right?

You mean when all the servers were down for the patch ?

I don’t want them to shut down the auction house actually. While everyone else is too scared to post I have been making a lot of sales.

No, you literally cant use the AH because it was going under transition or something, it did pop up a dialog box when posting auctions a day before the patch. Well maybe not shut it down but prevent posting new auctions, that they did.

They didn’t actually shut it down while the game was active. They ended all the auctions that were active and applied their patch etc. but that was during maintenance.


Well goodluck to you, hopefully you dont magically lose 300k as some of us did

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Certain things aren’t affected and I don’t normally post items that are. And those I do end up posting, tbh I really don’t care that much because they were taking up bag/bank space.

Is this just speculation? Last night I tried clicking one of the auctioneers and got a pop up saying the Auction House is currently unavailable, Please try again later. Seems that there’s some ways that the AH becomes inaccessible.

The patch today update doesn’t give us gold back sadly. Note sure if it fixes selling stacks of things either :cry:

If on the off chance they need a toon/server to check then Themalachai-Hakkar and this one Shruika-Hakkar, I really hope we get the gold we made back as i have 0 clue how much i’ve sold that hasn’t come in but i usually average like 30-100k+ a day but i’ve only made like 3k since tuesday rip

I got a similar message last night as well, but I think it was just due to the AH being overloaded at the moment.

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Could be. But it might be a means for them to shut it down… if they wanted to.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.

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Hey all,

Looks like one of our Community Managers posted an update in General Discussion.

With this, I’m going to lock up this thread, as we won’t need additional information, nor are we likely to have additional updates that won’t otherwise be posted there. Please keep an eye on that thread for additional information.

Thank you all for your patience.