[A-Greymane] Looking to rebuild <The Dingus Brigade>

The Dingus Brigade is looking for casual, no drama, guildies to rebuild due to floundering interest in the game. We have a core of about 5-7 members that are looking for more to help inject a fun-loving community of gamers. Patience and love of the game members are wanted to build up a core group of adventurers.

Would like to recruit those that like to pursue achievements for both individual and guild achieves. We will help most anyone through learning the game if you are new to WoW. We are social and interact through FB and discord when not in the game. We also enjoy running fun guild events and share guild loot (holiday goodies and contest prizes) for participants at least twice a year.

We do have an desire to Mythic, Mythic+ at a pace that fits the guild. Send a tell to Kiriin #1940 or any member of the Dingus Brigade, Greymane, Alliance.


I was told there would be punch and pie.

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And you were not wrong, flavors might have been different though :):heart_eyes:

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Say, say, oh Greymane,
Come out and play with me
And bring toons one or three
Do your thing and be carefree

We are much older
and curse the mythic grind
but we’ll put down our beer
And do the work, since love is blind

We want to grow our home
-focus on people first
bring smiles to your day
then drink and play YEP drink and play.

Collect it, dig it, fish it, build it,
crush it, pvp it, cook it, or just quest it.
find a dingus –game, facebook or discord.
but I’m an introvert, so ping Kiriin one nine four oh
-Kiriin #1940


You can count on anecdotes packed with enchanting lore, high-class magic, and conspiracy you at no time saw coming!

That is a true work of art! Nicely done Illustria!

Full. name… I must be in trouble.

I haven’t used your short name out here in the wild, have I??

Well this post made my day.


Hi Gerrth,

I know this is an old post but are you still looking for new members? I’m looking for casual social fun guild to hang out with while playing. I’m down for any content. I can relocate my characters. I have a shaman and mage that I’m interested in taking out of retirement. :v:

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Hey Valdro! Yes, we are still building/growing and would love to have you check us out. Our casual, play as you like, atmosphere is what we promote; we have plenty guildies that are reaching for M+ runs, almost daily. DM me anytime at Kiriin#1940 to chat

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