9.1 / 9.2 / 10.0 Story Predictions

Why would the Jailer animate Galakrond?

Seems like he would be kinda weak by today’s standards.

People just want an excuse to make the Dragon Isles a reality.

Most of WoW is excuses to do cool things.


The Jailer infused a human (Anduin) with power to strike down the Archon.

Imagine what he could do with the original bad boi

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I never heard anything about the Dragon Isles until some fake leak pre-SL said that 9.0 would be there.

The chance of us going there next expansion seems pretty small. The dragonflight stuff was kind of beaten to death.

Wasn’t that basically just the Jailer acting through an avatar though. With the Jailer defeated, the power should subside.

Didn’t Hearthstone do that story already?

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Lol that is right. Would be a great plot thread

It was all a dream…

Shadowlands was all a dream, level cap 60 goes to a level cap of 130. Battle for Azeroth and Legion were also a dream and we go back to WoD where the timeline first started splintering.

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9.1 - Sylvanas is defeated and the Jailer has been restored back to his true form. The Eternal Ones are no match for him now especially in their weakened state. The Jailer then leaves Oribos to search for the Sepulcher.

9.2 - The Primus tells us more about the Sepulcher, revealing it is a First One creation and holds forbidden knowledge that, should Zovaal obtain, would make him “unstoppable.” The problem is, the Sepulcher is extremely difficult to find, and so we follow leads from the Brokers that result in us heading to their plane of the Shadowlands to finally track down its location and stop Zovaal. The raid is the Sepulcher and the final boss is Anduin or the Jailer.

9.3 (should it happen) - The Jailer succeeds in learning the secrets of the First Ones, and now pursues his ultimate prize on Azeroth. He begins to wreak havoc starting from Icecrown, and his big world changing move is that he rips out the Frozen Throne from Icecrown Citadel. Beneath it lies a First One-type facility. Azeroth was never just a titan, but a First One or something akin to it. It explains how Azeroth can interact with First One waystones, why she’s the strongest titan, and also why Zovaal wants her.

The conclusion of the fight has something significant happen to Azeroth (maybe she wakes up? Or Illidan and the titans intervene? Heck maybe Denathrius shows up last minute with Remornia)

The next expansion? Dragon Isles or Light vs. Void. Heck, it could be First Ones oriented. Maybe even the other side of Azeroth. Who knows? Last time we thought it was going in the Light vs. Void direction we got BFA. Then SL.

Edit: could also be Elune related.


Here are my actual predictions:

9.1 and 9.2…

  • The lord of ravens will turn the key.
  • The boy-king serves at the master’s table. Three lies will he offer you.
  • Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it.

These 3 prophecies will come to light. I’m not sure what the 3 lies Anduin offers are yet, but we might see something in 9.1 or 9.1.5.

  • At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming.

This is Sylvanas being defeated. I think we’re going to learn about what it means when we saw Uther’s soul get split into 2 parts. 2 separate souls were created. A blue one that got sucked into Arthas’s sword and a gold one that dissipated into the afterlife. This will reveal where we will likely be heading next in 9.2 or reveal more about what’s going on in the Shadowlands and about the First Ones.


If this exists, it will wrap up the Jailer and finish revealing what we know about the First Ones. Where we will be heading next as well.

Some random speculation about where I think we could go in the future patches for Shadowlands:

  • At the end of Shadowlands we will return to Azeroth because in the introduction to this expansion, the Jailer said quote: “I’m coming for the soul of your world!” That means he wants Azeroth. Azeroth has a lot to reveal about the First Ones…

  • The Emerald Dream. Maybe to destroy and unmake death, the Jailer needs to invade and destroy life? This could be why we’re getting Elune lore so much.

  • A titan/first one planet. This would bring the mystery together. Who are the First Ones, why did they make the Shadowlands from what was once before, and what is next in the plot.

10.0 could easily be any of what I just mentioned. Here is where the expansion would take place at now.

If we get an Azeroth focused expansion:

  • Cata 2.0. We’re stationed either in the new Undercity and Teldrassil (or counterparts now) or we’re back at our capitals. From here the old world is revamped and we get to explore some new zones themed off of some invading force. Maybe Light or Death? Or both. Or mixed cosmic forces vying for Azeroth’s soul?

  • The Dragon Isles. It’s one of the final places we’ve never been to that’s been mentioned in the lore since Warcraft 3. Could easily see Dragons tie into Azerothian lore from before the Titans showed up, as they existed here and were offered jobs by the Titans. We come back to Azeroth after Shadowlands and there is some reason why we need to seek the help of the Dragons.

  • Undermine & Inside Azeroth. An expansion that fully takes place underground. Undermine is one of those grand cities (if you call the Goblin Capital grand anyways… lol) we’ve not seen yet. It could easily be the new “dala” for the 10.0 as we’re trying to save Azeroth from being corrupted by some outside force. We find new zones underground and the 10.0 begins.

If we get a Titan/First one expansion:

  • First One planet. Shadowlands is setting up this adventure. The Jailer is doing what he’s doing to the Shadowlands, and it requires us to finish it all by taking the fight to the First Ones. Where are they at? On some planet.

  • Titan Planet. Same thing as above, but the First Ones are tied in with the Titans a lot more than we think, and/or they’re servants of eachother. Perhaps First Ones are just a type of Titan.

If we get an Emerald Dream expansion:

  • Alt-Azeroth (Emerald Dream version). We travel to the Titan’s literal custom beta-version of Azeroth, to try and get power from here or maybe because Azeroth is going to be destroyed we need to go here to move or save our current planet.

  • Full Emerald Dream. We finally go here. “We’ve already been there though, in that Legion raid.” BRUH! That Emerald Nightmare thing is just like a tiny needle head of the size of the Emerald Dream. There are entire zones, creatures, planes, and it’s infinite in size if you want to get theoretical. We know Elune’s in here and there’s a lot of potential reason to travel here now. Maybe the Jailer invades here?

Here is my light speculation of the other Prophecies of Il’gynoth:

From the earth, he draws strength. Our earth. Our strength.

“he”. Who is He? From the Earth means Azeroth. He could refer to the Jailer or some other character.

So some male character will presumably get power from Azeroth, this could be diabolical or something good.

In my opinion it’s evil. Some evil force corrupts Azeroth maybe? Which leads into the following prophecy…

Its surface blazes bright, masking shadows below.

Would make sense to have to cleanse Azeroth of it’s corruption, because say the Jailer or some Old God/Void being corrupted Azeroth.

“The surface blazes bright” Azeroth being destroyed/cleansed. “masking shadows below” meaning the surface is destroyed because of the corruption below.


Sylvanas dies but soul fragments of the good version are found and are sent to the arbiter. the jailer and Anduin head to Azeroth, the jailer sets up ice crown 2.0 the goal is to consume the world soul because it is a child of the first ones and has the seventh force of creation which is a culmination of all the forces in one force. and by consuming the soul of azeroth he will have the power of the first ones and will unmake reality.

There probably won’t be a 9.3. We’ll have a 9.2 and MAYBE a 9.2.5 just as a “give the dog a bone” patch, but no 9.3. The release patch took far too long, unless they’re going to throw out a 9.2 in the next month or two, which is very unlikely.


I hope this happens. Also…

The Return of Arthas

Based on what exactly?

Azeroth pulls the sword from its body and in one mighty swing it comes slicing towards Sylvanas , she raises her weapon to deflect it and the sword breaks in two across the bow. Still, the blow staggers Sylvanas backwards where she is caught by Anduin. Half-supported by the boy king she glances back over her shoulder to him, they exchange a look, both nod and grin… together as one they charge into the fray… then … I dont know… still thinking.

Based on the fact that the last patch of the expansion usually lasts around 12 months, and there will be about 12 months left on the expansion when 9.2 releases. 9.2 will release a bit before Blizzconline and then Blizzconline will announce the expansion after Shadowlands. That would be my guess. I don’t think this expansion will last more than two years, I think they’ll want to get this thing streamlined and over with.

9.1 sylvanas isn’t actually defeated and runs away

9.2 it turns out sylvanas was actually a good guy and was taking down the shadowlands from the inside

10.0 we put the war back in Warcraft , sylvanas becomes light forged , and becomes the war chief again but might get corrupted by the old gods

10.1 sylvanas might not be actually good

10.2 we go back to org to overthrow sylvanas, a troll gets killed in mortal kombat , and freeze frame to the next sequel

Based on the length of the initial expansion patch. 9.0 is the longest, non-endgame patch in the game’s history at 218 days. That’s only four days shorter than WoD’s 6.0 and 6.1 patches combined and half of WoD’s final patch, aka the second longest patch in the game’s history. First prize in that department goes to MoP’s 5.4.

Let’s do a little math here. I’m using this chart as my guide.

I’m excluding Vanilla because it was a totally different patch system with 12 major content patches, and Shadowlands past 9.1 because it isn’t finished yet.

The average x.0 patch is about 108 days, and the average x.1 patch is about 120 days long. That puts the x.0 patch at about 111% longer than the x.1 patch on average. Shadowlands has already surpassed that metric, but we can possibly forecast how long 9.1 will last. This gives us an estimate of about 242 days. That puts the end of 9.1 around February 26, 2022.

The average length of x.2 patches is about 175 days or about 146% of x.1 patches. That would put the end of 9.2 at around 353 days. I highly doubt they’ll do that, since that would put the entire expansion at 813 days, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility considering BfA’s final patch pushed it to 833 days. Average expansion life is about 724 days.

Can patches be shorter? Of course. These are just averages, not concrete. All’s I’m doing is speculating, and the further we get into this expansion, the more we can extrapolate.

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This game has a story?

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