When does Shadowlands end?

I’ll be honest I enjoyed every other expansion more then Shadowlands, I feel that every other expansion we have played the next didn’t try to repeat as many mistakes like they have in the past…

Shadowlands is literally doing everything wrong, opposite of what players have suggested, systems on systems on systems, literally made torghast even worse now since it has a scoring system now, same with M+… Korthia is literally the most dull thing ever considering how long we waited……

No… don’t you dare say this is the better of expansions…

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yep and we cant even fly in the new area, once i get flying and the new cov mount for my main, ill prob go back to Kotor

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Or give TBC Classic a spin.

It doesn’t cost anything more. If you find that you are one of the people who ends up enjoying TBCC, it will allow you to freely pop back into Retail at the next patch or when you read something you find interesting has been added.

Oh I dare.

One of the better??? Vanilla, BC? WOTLKand MOP?? GTFO it’s no where close to the best or better. It goes in the WOD and BFA Bracket. SL makes WOD look great.

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Are you an addict?

Why are you continuing to play something you hate?

Why are you posting about it?

Are you crying out for help?

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Separate yourself from this IP for awhile, see what else is on offer in the MMORPG landscape. I had renewed month-month to try out TBC — but it feels like sucking on a popsicle stick, the real flavour is all gone and I’m there hoping the nostalgia will keep me interested. Only worked for a little bit.

November 17th, 2022 based on the average expansion life span. I explain here:

So far Korthia reminds me of the Timeless Isles of MoP, except with a few quests tied in. You do your dailies/quests there, then it is a hunt for chests and Elites to hopefully get a mount, pet or pieces of gear(Timeless Isles had the same).

Ew, tokens.

Azerite questline was > anything shadowlands has provided, hands down.

Visions > Torghast.

The worldbuilding was also vastly better in BFA.

2023 or 2024.

Which has been the norm for almost ten years now…

Vanilla and BC were horrible. Wrath was the best.

With how Legion turned out, Blizzard are never gunna pull a WoD and cut an expansion short again.

All SL needs to do is end on a good patch and people will sing it’s praises.

you have no idea what you are talking about… Vanilla and BC is what made WOW

Too Late for that.

All i know is Blizzard should NEVER do another time travel, hell or heaven type of expansion ever again. Lets stick to the present time and worlds plz.

my guess is there is going to be 1 more major patch and then done. come this blizzcon they will likely release the next expac reveal. in what november? it usually is

I know exactly what I’m talking about. They were horrible versions of WoW. Popular because we didn’t know any better back then.