Shadowlands: The 9.1.5 Content Update is Now Live!

Thank you for all your hard wortk! I am looking forward to this patch. Lots of goodies!

However, I still don’t understand why blizzard refuses to reintroduce the original Mage Tower rewards for Legion Timewalking. Everyone wants these rewards because they are so iconic and cool looking. Why is blizzard shutting players out from such great content?

Please blizzard! Reconsider your stance on timewalking mage tower rewards


February 22nd. Almost guaranteed.


They need to update the rest of the allied races first.


What other game launches on Feb 22?


Guild Wars 2 is launching an expansion IIRC. Gotta keep the meme alive, even though at this point it’s pretty much impossible for any given date to avoid falling kinda close to something another MMO is doing, since there are actually quite a few of them that are actually kinda successful now.

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I’m going by the average life cycle of expansions.

RIP PvP community.

Dang it, I always loved this game :crying_cat_face:


Wait, we have a release date? For real? Finally? It’s here? I thought not everything was done being tested yet? Didn’t they JUST NOW add the mage tower stuff?

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2021 Q4 Earnings report may release around Feb 1, Feb 8. Could maybe expect 9.2 around the same time.

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This patch gonna be a great change for shadowland alots of good change like freely covenant switch,new character customization,mage Tower,legion mythic +
and skipping the maw intro etc this gonna be a good thing for shadowland. I have a good vib for what come next for wow if they keep going in this direction

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MT is being tested for 24h starting 10AM today, thru Friday morning. Clearly that’s all the testing Blizzard needs.
From the feedback so far, the HoA and essences are still working and are trivializing everything.

Yeah I brought that up in the other blue post. They better turn that mess off. I already farmed renown and a legendary for my Druid for no reason.

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They will. The Alliance needs it desperately at the point, especially the Mechagnomes and the missing untransmoggable limb parts which they did not add to the original release on purpose.



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Nice, thanks for the update anonymous Blizzard employee :laughing:

I guess I can look forward to that being added to this list then :laughing:

That’s it for the DK and the Warlock changes?


Ah well, can’t wait.


Finally some news on 9.1.5, finally going to be able to do the thins I’ve been wanting to do with this paladin for ages now.

Needing to unlock 80 renown for covenant swapping is unacceptable. Full ripcord pull or that parachute aint deploying. I have zero interest in grinding for something we should have had day 1.


Some DK love would be nice. Lowest melee dps. Also pets are still bugged.

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