9.1 / 9.2 / 10.0 Story Predictions

Jotting down my brief and believable story predictions:

9.1 Conclusion - Sylvanas defeated, stands defiant, one-shot or abducted by Elune who magically appears. Jailer released and travels back to Azeroth. Setting up 9.2.

9.2 - Revamped Icecrown for World content and ICC 2.0 for the final raid. During raid, Jailer successfully animates corpse of Galakrond which is very close to ICC. Gets defeated by Anduin plot armor.

10.0 - Galakrond as main villain and Dragon Isles.


A little ambitious aren’t we?


I know it’s popular among the doomsayers here, but you skipped 9.3.


Why would the Jailer go to Azeroth? If he finally gets released from his prison, he can conquer the remainder of the Shadowlands and reign supreme over all the souls of all who will ever die in the future.

Going to Azeroth where he has no power base would be immensely stupid.

You’re missing 9.3. Usually the .2 patch would bring a new zone so it’s more than likely the Sepulcher will be the focus of that patch.

Remember when he said “Death comes for the soul of your world”?

Azeroth is the final titan - he wants her power just like Sargeras did

His entire plan is to remake reality for Death, we’re told multiple times he’s coming for Azeroth’s soul.

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Just sayin’, going to Azeroth right away would be stupid. First conquer the Shadowlands entirely, then once he’s that much more powerful make his move to Azeroth.

I think 9.2 will the Sepulcher arc. Because the Jailer is looking for the Sepulcher of the First Ones for some knowledge he wants in it. I think he’ll go there first before going to Azeroth, which that would be for 9.3 his big invasion into our world. But who knows. Anything can happen.

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People are doomsayers. Idk why people hate wow so much


That makes sense.

I was flying through Dragonblight the other day and was amazed at how close Galakrond’s area is to ICC.

as much as that’d be interesting to see…

Then there would be no “World of Warcraft” right? I read *somewhere that they already have a team making 10.0 and 10.X.X patches, so 9.2/9.3 Jailer ruling Shadowlands and taking over Azeroth wouldn’t make any sense

There will be a .3. Historically there always has been, right?

I love WoW but fully acknowledge the silliness of the story sometimes. WoW ain’t GoT. It shines with big dumb happy explosive moments


We will try but we will defeat him

WoD says hi


I think wow story shines when the story tellers have a story to tell tbh.

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Historically, there have been more times that the expansions went to x.4 or more, than just going to x.3.

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9.1 - Jailer goes off to find the Sepulcher.

9.2 - The Jailer finds it, and it is a race against time to stop him from doing something evil thing that will shake the cosmos. We defeat him, but something bad happens anyways that sets up the events to come in 10.0.

10.0 - We’ve already forgotten about the inciting incident that kicked off the expansion and are instead focusing on some new thing. Blizzard will kind of playfully mention that there will be some pay-off, but it is never mentioned again. Also, your soul-binds no longer work.


Titan soul, he repeatedly said he was coming for the soul of the world.