You think expansion comes out this year?

wasnt WOD last tier like 1.5 years long?

If you mean 392 days not including the 42 days of legion pre-patch then yes 1.5 years.

Not likely. have to give the raiders their chance at titles/chievo’s. same for pvp.

10.0 would seal this. Rabble rabble from I didn’t get my full time to get this would be deafening.

so too would be the troll baits. Well should have been good dude. I cleared 10/10 and a few glads in 2 months buddy. Comments I’d see being made. as people whip this out often.

Even to people like me. Take the 10/10 troll bait elsewhere lol. I am a lfr hero and content to be so. 10/10 mythic AND $5.00 would get you a cup of coffee. Key part being the $5.00 lol.

I think so, but with the lawsuit and people working from home, my guess is the delays will prevent them from releasing by the end of this year.

They haven’t even made an announcement about the next expansion which they normally would have done by now.


I highly doubt it. I could see another year of shadowlands. Maybe they will announce it later this year but that’s it.

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Yep. I made this prediction in June of last year before 9.1 came out. I think October/November for the next expansion.

Probably not. If I was to guess, I would say fall of 2023. Assuming they make a 10.0 and not just give up all together. Wouldn’t be surprising considering how poorly received BFA and SL was.


Probably not this year, or maybe at the very end. I suspect that it will be announced a short while after mythic Jailer is defeated. I’d personally like to see it come out May 2023.

I really hope not. Covid is still running rampant and if they’re able to push out an expansion then their excuses last year were just that, excuses.

But here’s to hoping there’s enough content to keep people busy in the meantime

It’ll come out this year. It’s more a corporate thing than a ‘‘we release it when it’s good and ready deal’’. Crunch time hit probably a year ago and they got all hands on deck.


My hope is that they’ll announce a 9.3 patch, and really take the time to consider what 10.0 should be and really work on it. I don’t think the current model is going to work for them much longer. Activision is losing their mind share to competitor products at an astounding rate on multiple fronts. They are totally screwed without a shakeup, and now is an extremely opportune time. They can’t wait any longer, another paint by numbers rerelease of Legion is going to be a disaster that can’t be fixed.

There won’t be a 9.3 patch. The 9.2 patch will be the original final patch that was to be 9.3, excluding any x.x.5 patches. 9.1 was the accumulation of the original 9.1 and 9.2 patches. So, at best, we’ll have a 9.2 and a 9.2.5 that will tide us over for the next 6 months, when the 10.0 pre-patch will drop, with the expansion coming in November at the latest. I’m guessing end of February for the 9.2 release at the earliest.

All that being said, I could be wrong on my estimations, but looking at the average patch releases, it’ll be close.

This is my guess as well.

I think they know they can’t sustain this much longer. They are losing subs quickly off both Retail and Classic and simply using the cash shop won’t last if no one is playing the game in the first place.

They need to really have a good long think about all the things people have been complaining about and how they plan to fix enough of them to appease players and win them back, if possible.


Analyzing past patch cycles under current circumstances is silly. How much of the past content was developed under a pandemic, major staff changes, major work stoppages, major public image crisis, and major legal action against the parent company? I think a different outcome is more likely than a repeat of the pattern.


I doubt it honestly in light of…well everything that’s happened the past 2 years.

More than likely they’re waiting to see how 9.2 pans out before making concrete plans on what they’re going to do next. If it’s well received I imagine they’ll do a few “minor” patches beyond it or even scrap the whole “final patch of Shadowlands” idea. Usually by this time in an expansion we have a pretty good idea what the theme of the next will be, but pretty much everything for 10.0 is just speculation and conjecture with very little in game to suggest what it will be.

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Like no other company has ever done before? Every major game developer has released more content during all these things. Including the pandemic. It’s not an excuse anymore. There’s no reason a lot of developers can’t work from home. Staff changes happen all the time during restructuring. Strikes happen, and things get back to normal fairly quickly. Look at the multiple writer’s strikes in the 90s. We ended up having some of the best television and film during that time.

They’re going to stick as close as they can to form for now. If they don’t, shareholders will have their heads on pikes. The 9.3 you’re wishing for has just been renamed 9.2. They know Shadowlands wasn’t well received for lots of reasons, and extending that will leave a bad taste in the customers’ mouths. This will give them more time to make a banger 10.0, hopefully, but adding an extra year like you suggested would be suicide.


doubt it. We probably will hear what’s the next xpac if we’re not getting 9.3 this year but safe to say it’ll be early to mid next year

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I fail to see how with all the content droughts we have had with SL they said were caused by Covid. I realize there are allegedly two teams but if one team fumbled the ball I would imagine the other was still on track for a normal release schedule.

Think about that for a minute. If we’re not getting a 9.3, which we’re going to fight the big bad next patch, so end of expansion = 9.2 is final major content patch, You’re saying we’re going to have a full year to a year and a half on the same content patch to play around with? That’s what you’re saying, right?

The game would die at this point if they did that. 9.2 will be like every other major content patch and cover 4.5 months at the most, with 9.2.5 covering another 3-5 months. That’s just not enough content to cover a full year of nothing, considering x.x.5 patches are usually just story and quality of life patches. The ONLY exception was 9.0.5, but that was because their initial patch was delayed considerably.

Mark my words, they’re going to cut their losses just like they did in WoD.

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If it does it will be december and it will be an unpolished mess, again.