9.1 / 9.2 / 10.0 Story Predictions

lmao true, WoD says hi ending in 6.2.0,6.2.0a,6.2.2,6.2.2a,6.2.3,6.2.4 then just ends

such a weird patch line that was…

If we get a 9.1.5 with Legion TW, Brawlers Guild and more heritage armor I will be happy

I trully think 9.3 will never see the light of day.
And i bet 9.2 will be in a new shadowlands realm, in a covenant of kings or something, but i’ll really like if we go back to Northrend too.

That’s big bad evil bad guy speech. Yogg called himself the “God of Death” and we know that was a complete lie.

Jailer should be the new omnipresent threat, but not something that gets resolved so quickly. They can set up the Jailer’s invasion of Azeroth the expansion a few years down the road.

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I wish there was a 5th Covenant with a Pandaren theme


I’d honestly be surprised if there are more expansions after 10.0, since the end of that gets them to their 20th aniiversary. Who knows what they’ll do at that point.

Idk they talked about the world soul all of BFA so I think him saying that is a pretty clear indication he means the titan soul.

Everyone knows all Pandaren go straight to the Maw.


I don’t have it broken up by patch, but this is my prediction that I did in another thread awhile back. I have it bookmarked for the future lol

My prediction is this:

The dreadlords free Sire Denathrius, who ends up becoming a real problem. Word gets back to Turalyon in Stormwind about how the Light absolutely ravaged Revendreth long, long ago. So he calls up on his Army of the Light to help defend Azeroth against Sire Denathrius and the Jailer (“Death comes for the soul of your world”).

The Army of the Light, like the Legion, can freely travel about the Twisting Nether where time and space are not recognized. This is how, even after being told we could no longer go back to Alternate Draenor, Yrel and her new Lightbound army join up with the Army of the Light.

Yrel feels like she owes Azeroth one, so the Light comes back to save the day and yaaaaaay, we win! Azeroth is saved!


“The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness.”

An overwhelming Army of Light resides on Azeroth now and ushers in our next expansion…

World of Warcraft: Tyranny of the Light

Where we get to kill Turalyon, Yrel, and Anduin, right?!

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We can only hope.

Not gonna lie, Blizzard could make Elune a really big Moonkin if they wanted to, if they have her come down and smite Sylvanas I will completely back whatever their interpretation of her may be.

That would be pretty awesome. And my expectations would be properly subverted!

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9.1 - Slyvanas shoots an arrow at Bolvar, letting the Jailer get to the Sigil. Tyrande shoots Slyvanas, killing her “bad soul.” Jailer turns into his Shadowlands Concept art model.

9.2 - The Jailer gets to the Sepulcher of the First Ones, First Ones turn out to be our Titans, they were the first Pantheon. Blizzard pulls a sneaky.

Sepulcher is where Titan Soul Anima goes when they die, such as the one Sargeras killed and Argus. Fight Death infused Argus…

9.3 - Players enlist the help of Elune to reseal the Jailer in the Maw, restoring the shadowlands for now. Void Infused Titan escapes…

10.0 - Champions require the Light to go after the Void Pantheon.


I thought they were just gonna copy FFXIV.

WoW 10.0 a World Titan Reborn.

Picks up the ashes of all the failures and starts from scratch after being forced to watch FFXIV to learn how to make a proper MMORPG


Do you not see the portals in Oribos? We’re literally not done with The Shadowlands zones.

9.2 will take place either in the Emerald Dream, a Titan/Old Ones location, or another piece of the Shadowlands.

There’s a chance there could be no 9.3, but it’s probably likely.

9.3 could take place on Azeroth, the Emerald Dream, or a Titan/Old One planet/location.

That would make more sense to set up the next expansion.

Dragon Isles is a high contender for 10.0.

The real 10.0 are the speculation threads we made along the way :slight_smile:

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Wrong. There have only been 3 X.4 patches in WoW’s entire history.

Classic, BC, and MOP.

X.3 has existed for every single iteration of WoW’s lifetime, except for WOD.

People can’t separate their heart from their mind. They just desire Shadowlands to end now with their heart, so they use their mind to create reasons why Blizzard should/could/would just cut this one short.

In reality, there is a possibility 9.3 could not exist, but don’t bet or hope for it.

9.2 info will drop at 2021’s Blizzcon (which confusingly takes place in early 2022 but it’s the Blizzcon for the year of 2021 taking place after the holiday season…) which is the same time we will get the announcement trailer for 10.0.

So it’s already planned right now if 9.3 will exist or not. Ion and the other lead game devs have to have the main plot down before they roll into 9.3 and then make a trailer for 10.0. One cutscene can change the literal mountain of lore implications for WOW.

So 9.3 will be full of major lore drops, that if they have to cut, they will wrap into a 9.2 now and let the rest of the asset team still work on 10.0 earlier than expected.