I want 9.3 Patch

Also, let’s be real. Ion is only concerned about raid design, that’s what he likes, that’s what he does. And he does it well. But that doesn’t sustain a “world”. Meanwhile the writing team has beyond trashed whatever poor lore remained, story wise this RPG is worhless.

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10.0 could be no major villain. We raid to find the best spot to fish. Maybe rescue the master baiter from clutches of frost mage cultists. “The Blizzard Effect” could be their cult name

the writing team did good as far as ending the lich king finally and hopefully syl . a good light void expansion will fix many probs it happens over and over here a great expansion does wonders for yrs after.

Early legion had the worst iteration of legiondaries where you could only get 4 if you were lucky then had a hidden hard cap, and the first ap grind which fortunately was timed with one of the most under tuned raids in recent memory. Warfronts were bad and more importantly ignorable, but islands were acceptable, the big thing that was bad in early bfa was the worst iteration of azerite armor where there was no vendor and the talent swap was draconian. Early legion ap grind was also peak ap grind it slowly went down from there, before it spiked for bfa.

Yup, and I’ve seen some people say ‘‘ooo ion listened, says more open world content coming’’… Danuser and his writing team stink up the place… I can’t say I’m optimistic for 10.0.

They really are kinda lost in trying to find what makes MMO’s fun.

We aren’t in a time that has this world present you with fun things to do and progress on, it’s mostly people maximizing their time vs reward.

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We’re not getting a 9.3. Shadowlands will be a two-patch expansion. Expect 9.2 to drop around February between the 21st and 28th of next year. I highlight this in a previous comment on another thread from June.


You think the Jailer is good? or are you talking about WOTLK?

LMAO random “buh I won serv” redemption at the end is meaningless and doesn’t equal good writting.

I remember early legion and it wasn’t that troublesome TBH. The introduction of M+ brought something new, with the suramar storyline and the class campaigns sustaining the game beyond the raids. Plus we had an actual new class.

BFA’s gimick being the AR wasn’t really that good, specially for the alliance.

They keep people stuck with maximizing for m+ and raids. honestly they needed a big refresh of the team direction a long time ago.

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it wasnt handled good but its way past time the lk syl all that garbage got dealt with they just sucked at handling it bit im glad its done and hopefully syl to at this point. and honestly every dang story seems to end the same here one big baddie just the jailer in the end

I mean that is all well and good that you say that like you know what the future holds, but to be more concise I was asking: “Is this what you want to happen?”

Nihilism has never been really great at solving issues or starting discourse that lead to a issue being resolved.

Do not pass 9.1, to straight to 10.1.

Well, OK, you can do 9.1.5 because it’s what 9.1 should have been but lets just seal up the Shadowlands and let them have their little drama all to themselves.

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I want New World 9.3 patch. I want to see where the game is at in 9 years.

You think you do, but you don’t.

Shadowlands will have the lifespan of a full xpac. They won’t cut it short.

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Ion said that Shadowlanda won’t get the “WOD” treatment, I’m praying he keeps his word.

I don’t care if Shadowlands is extraordinarily long, this is a period of self-reflection for Blizzard. They have a lot of problems, both internal & external, that they need to sort out before putting out something as important as a new expansion.

I want them to come out better after all that has happened, and I’m willing to be patient for higher quality.

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There’s a saying: “It’s good to begin well, but better to end well.” Meaning, a good ending can excuse a poor or confusing start, as it’s the end people will remember most. In stories anyway.

I don’t believe SL will get a 9.3; I think 9.2 will close the expansion and then they’ll turn their attention to cranking on 10.0.

9.1.5 strikes me as a “retention patch”, full of goodies and frankly “Christmas Gifts” to keep as many people around as possible during an anticipated drought, the kind of which we’d expect at the close of an expansion.

If that’s the intent, 9.2 is possibly months away, well into 2022. If they hope to release 10.0 next year, they’ll need all hands on deck on it sooner than later. I don’t think there’s time left for both 9.2. and 9.3.

Whatever the original plan, I hope they can pivot enough to “stick the ending” with Shadowlands.

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Nor should anyone after the total failure that was SL. If Activision can continue to make money no matter what churning out duds that are low effort, bad story, grindy, and just overall bad then they’ll do so. If Blizzard devs can continue to ignore feedback in beta and fix it the last patch of the expac they’ll continue to do so. If people refuse to prepurchase this time, actually wait until the game launches to buy after looking through PTR reviews of it and only do so if they’re positive we’ll be in a much better place.


This way of thinking is good as there are many ways that Shadowlands can continue and adjusted to be welcomed for returning casuals.

Like the questing from 50 - 60 was unbelievably very good. Then what the heck happened?

Yeah, that it won’t be cut short.
Nothing is being cut short here.
But what you had usually number wise is changed so instead of a .2 or .3 soon, you’ll have one major patch lower because the patch cycle has been drawn out.

I’m surprised people are still hoping for something that is clearly inevitable. Do you guys love SL that much :rofl:

They won’t make sweeping changes like they can with a new expansion. So seeing if they fix stuff or whatever or ‘learn their lesson’ as some put it is silly non sense that won’t happen. They are confined within what they developed… tweaks and such sure but they won’t outright scrap core systems.

So the change you want to see won’t be coming in major patches. That’s open for a new expansion to show whether they did something you wanted to see or are doing the same old stuff.

I think 9.1 has been a combination of a 9.1 patch and a 9.2 patch .

The only thing it has lacked is a .1 mini raid but if you look at it 9.1 has given us flying and a mega dungeon which both usually come in a .2 patch as well as 9.1.5 which will introduce a lot of the catchup that normally comes in a .2.5 patch .

I think 9.3 will be rolled into the rest of 9.2 as part of that patch .

This would be a short expansion as far as number of patches like WoD but the difference is
WoD 6.1 was the SELFIE patch and Flying as well as catch up came in 6.2

SL 9.1 has a Full raid , mega dungeon , flying and proper catch up coming in 9.1.5. Things we would possibly get in a .1 and .2 combined .

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I want this expansion gone as soon as possible. I want it gone so bad I’d welcome being sent back through time play a patch in Draenor as a break from the Bland Beige that is this Yawnlands.

I tell you what will happen. We will get 9.1.5 around the end of this month. That will last through Christmas as 9.2 goes into Alpha/Beta in November. We will then get 9.2 about February. Then along comes the online Blizzcon at which time they will announce a truncated Shadowlands, the details of the next expac and release of that around October/November to get the game back on schedule.

Id lay money on it. They want to attract people back to the game and extending this expansion anymore would be a huge fail.