Ultimate summary from what i've seen since 2018 in this forums. And please Re-create this game for BlizzCon2020 with the content presented in 2018

Please re-create this game with the content presented in the Trailer!

And with the content presented on the Official Website! Today date are: 03/02/2020

“40+ hours of epic gameplay, with 4+ hours of reforged cutscenes”
“Updated UI and rebalanced gameplay”
“Over 4 hours of reforged cutscenes”

And with the beautiful graphics shown in the demo gameplay at BlizzCon2018.

The game currently has a super low score on Metacritic and that score amazes some people who doesn’t know this game.

03/02/2020 - Currently User Score on Metacritic :

0.5 Overwhelming dislike based on 21215 Ratings

Currently the game seems to have a few people playing it, and this is so very sad! I imagined that the game would have many players with the hype launch, but it seems that many were amazed with the result and scores.

So … What do you think they should do to rescue the future and save this game?

I’ve been following this forum for a long time since 2018, but i started my account in this forum in 12 Nov 2019 to try help giving my feedback for the Beta! And I want to summarize what i’ve seen:

  • I’ve seen a lot of people asking for improvements in the Graphics and UI.
  • I’ve seen also see people asking for the return of the Classic client.
  • I’ve seen so many suggestions like removing the limit from controlling only 12 units.
  • I’ve seen people asking for South America and Oceania Servers.
  • I’ve seen people asking to maintain the reforged cutscenes style.
  • I’ve seen people asking to have an option to reconnect to their matches.
  • I’ve seen people asking to delay the game until December 2020 but with the proposal to give more time to the game fix the bugs and brings everything previously presented in the Trailers, Official Website and BlizzCon 2018.
  • I’ve seen people saying they paid for a Remake and not Re-Skin
  • I’ve seen people saying that the Trees in the 2018 demo were much more beautiful and the colors / saturation combined/matched more with the realistic look style from everything reforged, but I also saw people saying that they liked the currently stronger colors, so to solve this problem we would have to have an option to select pre-defined styles of colors and saturation! One color style with stronger shades and the other option with a color style with more realistic shades.
  • I have seen people posting game videos with super realistic graphics and they said who would love to see Warcraft 3 being Reforged with ultra super modern graphics, but I also saw people asking for super simplistic graphics, because that this game really needs two options of graphics! An option to looks like the 2018 demo and the other option to looks like the currently game.
  • I also saw people asking that the game have the option to implement mods with better graphics.
  • I saw people asking for the game to have communities for customized maps, so that they can find people who also like to play that map and can invite them to their game, this is a faster way to find people for your custom match.
  • I saw people asking for the game to have an optional option for the host to select if he wants your match to have an necessary required match time for the gameplay time to the avoid leavers, the host before creating the match he would have to select this option of required gameplay time and he would have to choose between the three time options and that are of 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes of gameplay time that will be necessary for the match that will start.
  • I saw a lot of people complaining about the terrain ,people were asking for the terrain to be high poly! And in some terrains the green color has so very very much green, and they have said this looks like neon because the currently green color of the terrain are so strong and it was very strange.
  • I saw people asking for the removal of the limit cap of the animations because on monitors with higher frequencies the characters look like robots when they do some animated action with the low frame rate of the animations.
  • And finally, I also remember the main topics i saw during the beta phase

#PrayForReforged #SaveTheFutureOfWarcraft3Reforged


My most beautiful dream is that they listen to you but I don’t trust that much. I think old reforged campaign are definitively cancelled and will never returned. Perhaps graphics will be improved (they should because currently, it’s pretty bad).


I would also like they get back the old WC3 menu with all it’s features in the reforged just like they did with Starcraft remastered, doesn’t even need to update it if it’s too much truble.

When they made Starcraft remastered they gave the option to get the old graphics back unchanged, I would also like that, and I hope that will happen in the future.

I agree with all, specialy this one.


Fully agreed! I hope that things be in the game! Implemented,fixed and improved!


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Please save the future of this game!

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This was the main issue with the original warcraft i am actually suprissed they didnt even botter to fix that part.

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To save the game they should have released what they had advertised to the public and not crutch on backnet interviews to announce updates. If only they had their own website or some type of way to mass message us about big changes before release.

Oh well, small indie company, what do ya expect right?


As I said earlier they should have given what was promised, and if you go to their website as you announce still promise today.

You know its bad when the new pokemon game, which uses the exact same mechanics as the first one, somehow feels fresher than this.

Blizzard should have done what was done for RE2 and what is being done for FFVII. Instead we get this record of broken promises.

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dont forget “modern battlenet integration and features”
when you can not even ignore someone in chat. :rofl:

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I still waiting for this things be in the game someday…

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Ever when i get desync is impossible to back to the match… Please implement an option to reconnect to the match!

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