What happened to the graphics?

The Blizzcon Demo looked soo beter than current beta, it is disappointing that they downgrade graphics effects and shaders, unless is it a matter of time ?

Juste balance this : Grubby | FIRST REFORGED BETA GAME - YouTube
With this : WarCraft III Reforged Gameplay - Culling of Stratholme - YouTube
Blizzcon demo is far prettier : Trees are better, terrain is darker, buildings are more realistic, the view of the party is larger thanks to the new UI.
Also, in the current version: brightness is ridiculously too high and buildings look like playmobil toys.

There is no way to consider the garbage beta we have as an official new game, it’s rather like a mod.


could be that that interface is campaign specific and that multiplayer is using the normal one.

Its the result of the feedback players gave to the devs saying that the last blizzcon’s demo graphics didn’t allow for good recognazability of the units cause the shaders blended everything togheder. I guess they can’t make everyone happy


It must of really suck to not be able to like a product.


I am very disappoined too. I like the way it was last year much more.


You said blizzcon version looked better, yet I can’t find any objective reason of why that’s true. You realize that “terrain is darker” is not something that can be defined as good or bad right. They changed some stuff because they had to, and some other things are still missing/incomplete since this is a beta. Other than that, if you don’t like it, it’s your problem, not a problem of the game.


Look at the UI. It is very poor. Looks like classic Warcraft 3 stretched. Whereas blizzcon UI was soft and beautiful, especially the Unit mini model replacing faces.

Not only colors, the trees are different too.


well they shouldn’t utilize bad feedback.


Looks like someone at blizzard accidentally deleted the work and had to revert back to a prior build


Agree wtf happened? If you guys think its gonna change drastically because it is a beta you are wrong. This game will be out in 2 months there is NO WAY they are gonna wrap this up nicely before release, there are too much work yet to be done. The beta looks like complete dogsh1t. I dont know what to say, I knew there was a reason to why they stayed quiet all this time


Please, keep in mind this is not the final state of the game and there will still be polishing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced a delay at Blizzcon or communicate the release as an “Early Access”-version.


Grubby could be playing on low graphic settings? Pro-gamers do this all the time.


It looks the same on every stream

True but as I stated before, the game has too much work yet to be done before a solid release is anywhere close. Unfortunately, in its current state it looks like sh1t. I think you are right about that there will be a delay. wtf has the team done a whole year? There is NO WAY this game will be released and finished by the end of 2019


yes, something went horribly wrong. Blizzcon 2018 reforged looked perfect and real upgraded warcraft 3. That UI was perfect and colors of environment were excellent. Now when seeing this version of beta I wonder why did they downgrade it…


I’m willing to bet this is based on an old build of the game considering how many bugs that simply aren’t present in the Blizzcon build suddenly are present in this new one


What would be the point of releasing an old build as a BETA for beta-testing ? That would be irrelevant.

I really hope this is not a final version because this is very sad. Last year build was so much better.


It looks much, much better now. Just compare the screenshots on the official website. The improvement is night and day.

I do think there’s still a lot of work to be done in the way of lighting on units and performance optimisation but to demand they go back to how it looked a year ago is ludicrous.

(Apparently I can’t post links so you guys will have to go to playwarcraft3 yourselves and look at them, sorry for the inconvenience)

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Nah. You’re supposed to be able to switch back and forth between the two UI styles.

You’re probably seeing people who just prefer the Classic UI playing with it.

My favorite iteration was the blizzcon demo aswell.


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